endofcapital 6 months ago

So access to (large amounts of) capital becomes a highly politicized, US-centric proposition. Imagine if you could control the backbone of a global information network and access to capital in the 21st century.

Better than aircraft carriers.

dade_ 6 months ago

The article jumps into Venezuela, but that is after the fact. Maduro invited Russia and China into the Americas and has received a prompt and harsh lesson on the Monroe Doctrine.

appleflaxen 6 months ago

Out. Leaks like this certainly hurt the perception of the IMF and World Bank around the world.

  • NeedMoreTea 6 months ago

    More than their neutering during formation or the end of Bretton Woods?

yosito 6 months ago

WikiLeaks sure does seem like they've got an agenda.

zozbot123 6 months ago

> Leaks Reveal Random Musings From Some Guy In Army-SOF Who Doesn't Even Know What The IMF And World Bank Are About, But Somehow Thinks They Might Be Used As "Unconventional Weapons".


vectorEQ 6 months ago

throwing money at a problem :'D

hopler 6 months ago

"Economics is war by other means."