spdebbarma 3 months ago

You may have heard of Pieter Levels[0], the creator of Nomad List, RemoteOK and Hoodmaps. I'm assuming you are planning to learn more about how to make a startup. There are two core resources that I find very useful from his writings.

- He documented[1] how he build Hoodmaps[2] while streaming. He got a functional app built as soon as he could and built upon user feedback. You learn how he bootstrapped his way up and you realize how to do that.

- He wrote a book on how to bootstrap. That book[3] was made online while collaborating with others. It was sort of a community effort. I think it is very well written.

[0] https://levels.io/ [1] https://levels.io/hoodmaps/ [2] https://hoodmaps.com/ [3] https://makebook.io/