CM30 3 months ago

I suspect Facebook won't be around in 10 years. Social media sites and services tend not to last forever, and with the way public opinion seems to have turned against the company and the inevitably of a competitor coming along with a new focus/different features, it's almost certain Facebook's days are numbered.

Eventually, they'll be another Myspace. Another Digg. Another Friendster. Whatever.

In the short term, well that's harder to predict. They'll probably get in a bit of hot water over their attitudes towards privacy and the spread of 'fake news' on the platform. They're already being called up in front of governments to answer for their actions, and I suspect things could get much worse for them there.

And then the inevitable will happen. People will keep calling for Facebook to change, and eventually it will. In a way that basically destroys the selling point of the site and drives people off to that hip new startup offering an alternative.

The cycle continues.