Ask HN: Offer Myself as a Person or as a Company ( Digital Nomad)

17 points by fullstackjob 3 months ago

I am working on Full-Stack Developer Job Board as a side project ( ). Until this brings some significant income, after 5 years as employee I want to go back to be my own boss, as I was for over 15y before. Now I have a question to you guys... Do you think it's better to offer my self as a person or as a company. I have a company page ( ) which is "impersonal". I will offer myself mainly as Full-Stack Dev/Software Engineer. How you guys do ? "As a Person" or "As a Company" way ?

BjoernKW 3 months ago

It depends on your marketing and branding.

A personal brand can be highly effective and successful in this market (“The go-to expert for X.”).

Marketing yourself as a company when you’re really just one person can come across as dishonest.

That of course doesn’t mean that you can’t still use a company for accounting purposes but in terms of marketing I’d say that the personal approach is better.

However, you might want to think a bit more about what to market yourself as. As a “full-stack dev” chances are that you’ll be seen as a pair of hands, a fungible commodity.

Finding a niche or a particular problem you’re an expert at solving in the long run probably is a more profitable and sustainable as well as more rewarding approach.

samfisher83 3 months ago

Read about Chris Sacca. He was trying to get jobs and he was failing. Then he made a corporate sounding name and people started hiring him which got him into google.