Ask HN: Online embedded Linux security training?

16 points by qetuo13579 2 months ago

My boss has suggested for me to attend a Doulos Embedded security course[1] but I don’t want to travel.

Any suggestions for some online courses (free or paid) I could do? Any experiences with learning about security you are willing to share?

We make embedded Linux products that run a lot of legacy code written in C/C++ that have huge security holes. I need to learn how to close the holes and improve our design practices for future development.


atsaloli 2 months ago

Shameless plug -- we offer a course "Engineering for Reliability, Maintainability, and Security with C and C++" that covers exactly what you are asking about.

  • anitil 2 months ago

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windexh8er 2 months ago

I've always wanted to do courseware from Tactical Network Solutions [0]. I'm not sure if any of their courses can be done remote, but it may be closer with regard to travel: