iSloth 3 months ago

I’m assuming you mean personal data, such as family photos? I store onto a local NAS, with offsite DVD-R of the important stuff.

Personally I still like writable disks as one copy, you can’t (within reason) hack or accidentally delete something that’s offline in a safe most of the time.

nikisweeting 3 months ago output saved to a zpool with raidz2 where I rotate out bad drives as they fail over the years. Every 6 months I dump the whole folder to Amazon Glacier, and I have an off-site back up in another city that’s also updated less frequently.

thexa4 3 months ago

Designed for long term storage, supports multiple storage backends and can replicate them.

Odenwaelder 3 months ago

For photos, print them and stow them away. Prints survive hundreds of years, if done right. This should not be the only strategy, though.