WaltPurvis 2 months ago

The Sunday Boston Globe in 1998/1999 -- every week there were literally over 100 pages of help wanted ads, a large percentage of them software-related. (Some weeks the Help Wanted section was 150+ pages.)

  • crashbunny 2 months ago

    Oh, I was confused by your comment at first. I was looking for the reference to the academic/scientific paper in your comment but got to the end and wondered if the comment was truncated or something. Then I got it, the Sunday Boston globe was the paper you were talking about. Nice.

hodder 2 months ago

Not strictly a paper, but Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species.

AnimalMuppet 2 months ago

Einstein's 1905 paper on special relativity.

  • HNLurker2 2 months ago

    Classic. Schrodinger's quantum biology