greggman2 a day ago

I tried to submit some data but the MDN format seemed to me to be poorly thought out to me (though maybe I just didn't get it).

If I understood correctly, in order to add any data you need to add data for all browsers. You can't just say "Browsers X,Y,Z support API Foo but Z does't support option B". Instead you have to say "Of all supported browsers A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I do not support foo and X,Y,Z do support foo. For option B A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,X,Y don't know if they support option B. Z does not support option B"

What I was trying to document is bugs but I only know 1 or 2 browsers detail not the other 9 or 12, or how ever many it's up to. I don't really want have to put "I don't know" for a bunch of other browsers.

Further, when a broswer says it supports say "AudioContext" but because of a bug feature X doesn't work in say Safari, I really just want to document that all browsers that claim to support "AudioContext" support all features except Safari was has one exception. I don't want to have to say Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini, Android Mobile, "don't know" because by default, if they claim they support "AudioContext" then they should be supporting feature X. So you run into this combinitorial issue that you need people go dig through and prove that each of those other browsers support feature X or you need to mark "unknown", neither of which really represents what you're trying to document.

FreeHugs a day ago

Wow, "UC Browser for Android" has 3.5% market share and does not support javascript modules.

  • geekybiz a day ago

    Well, UC Browser for Android has ~17% market share in India.