ovaqre 7 days ago

The band Light Light made a delightful interactive music video based on the same principle: http://donottouch.org. Sadly, it appears only a recording of it remains online.

  • sosodev 7 days ago

    Amazing! It says at the end of the video "your pointer will be added to the video within the hour". I wonder if that's true.

    • lelandfe 6 days ago

      > The current video was composited 3 years ago.

Hamuko 6 days ago


>Bring your code, we'll handle the rest.

>Made for any language, for projects big and small. Railway is the cloud that takes the complexity out of shipping software.

Not massively convinced at the moment.

  • justjake 2 days ago

    Founder of Railway here: Free Tier Hosted app that got shut down when HN traffic came a knockin'

    OP might wanna consider putting in a credit card before trying to do HN scale next time

  • hakre 6 days ago

    only shipping, likely this is hosting.

    • lupire 6 days ago

      What's the point of shipping a project that can't be hosted?

SheinhardtWigCo 7 days ago

This is the Web3 we need, but not the one we deserve.

maxicarlos08 6 days ago

"Application Error" for me.

Another website killed by HN?

  • schleck8 6 days ago

    No, it's hosted on Railway and most likely crossed the 5 dollar monthly free allowance, they shut down webapps then.

cwillu 7 days ago

Sad little mobile users are sad. And little. And immobile.

ttamslam 7 days ago

This is more fun than it should be - reminds me of jumping around cells in a shared google sheet

  • u2077 7 days ago

    I remember me and my friends played “tag” by landing on top of each other’s cells.

taylorius 7 days ago

Nice to see the web being used properly for a change! :-)

7373737373 6 days ago

One similar thing I'd like to see is a global voice chat room with directional audio

mike_hock 7 days ago

I took only a cursory glance at the website. 2 cores at 100% and a cursor that didn't move. When that hadn't changed after 10 seconds, I went back.

LugarOS 7 days ago

I figured out how to get infinite sized cursors ;)

  • JoshuaJB 7 days ago

    It's like a bonus level!

hrdwdmrbl 6 days ago

Even though the website isn't working right now I immediately know what it is. Fun idea!

timeshore 7 days ago

Sick implementation; but perhaps an epilepsy warning would be apt for some of the animations.

youeseh 7 days ago

Hah. Thank you =). Great fun.

pingeroo 7 days ago

Fun site, but we need more fun colors for a proper dance party!

Group_B 7 days ago

Now this is the kind of stuff I love visiting on the web

TT-392 7 days ago

I can finally properly flex my osu! skills

solar-ice 7 days ago

I'm pretty sure this doesn't work properly in Firefox. Very sad to see that Chrome 101 == IE6.

  • GuestHNUser 7 days ago

    I have no issues on Firefox. Check your settings and plug-ins perhaps?

    • solar-ice 7 days ago

      You know what, it might've just been that nobody was on it. :) The javascript console error still exists even if it works.

    • brabel 6 days ago

      It crashed for me after 10 seconds in Firefox.

  • brobinson 7 days ago

    Works fine in LibreWolf, which is Firefox with half its features patched out for security reasons...

kyle_martin1 7 days ago

Managed to make a massive cursor and it was broadcasted to the whole party. Had some fun hacking this with Chrome dev tools.

Was simple as breakpointing in dev tools on "mousewheel", setting h.scale = 15, and then resuming. Massive cursor and massive fun. I'm sure people were wondering how I got mine so big. Considering it was clamped to 1.

I've thought about injecting a non-zero number to crash the app or perhaps inject some XSS to run some fun code on everyone's machine but...I decided to be nice and not literally crash the party. ;-)

All that's needed to fix this "exploit" is to properly sanitize data on the way in. Classic example of why sanitizing I/O is important!

All in all-- fun app OP.