lallysingh 5 days ago

Relevance (reordered and snipped for the interesting bits):

    CARIAD, the automotive software company of the Volkswagen Group, has joined the Eclipse Foundation open-source community as a strategic member of the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) working group.

    CARIAD will participate in open-source projects and contribute individual software components of the VW.OS operating system and the VW.AC automotive cloud as open-source software
    CARIAD will actively collaborate on open-source software and contribute projects and code itself for further development within the community
sho_hn 4 days ago

Eclipse is one of the go-to places now for companies like this:

- They moved the foundation to Europe recently

- They have dedicated capacity to entertain relationships to commercial partners

- The reward structure for Eclipse membership is corporate-friendly (control+exposure)

It's a way to "do open source" that companies find easy to do because of the company-friendly interface and materials, but doesn't necessarily indicate much change to culture or way of working.