Peach_blue a month ago

The game is maybe a 6.5/10 but the comments made it a solid 10/10 experience for me and put the first smile of the day on my face.

yessirwhatever a month ago

Don’t force me to create an account before seeing what the game is about.

  • drcode a month ago

    It's a dystopia simulator, it's unrealistic to have usability expectations

    • yessirwhatever a month ago

      It didn’t occur to me that account creation is part of the experience, but if it is you win!

aldrich a month ago

Thanks, this gave me quite a laugh :) I almost fell in the same trap as some in here due to some sudden login anxiety. If only that could've been an alternate ending as well.

  • tgv a month ago

    Login anxiety ... now there's a first world problem.

saxonww a month ago

I found that when reviewing the alternate endings, I was presented with a button for the alternate ending I'd just picked plus one other, but never the ending I'd actually achieved. I was never able to 'go back' to that original ending.

  • drcode a month ago

    I figured you already saw that ending and didn't need to see it again- Sorry!

erellsworth a month ago

A lot of people have complained about needing to create an account. I kind of agree, although the account creation doesn't require an email address so it's not a big deal. I would suggest, however, that you let people play simply by selecting a username. There's really no need for a password.

  • failedengineer a month ago

    thread poster could include a fourth alternative... the "hesitant adopter," left behind when they missed the bus early on and every goodname they wanted was taken while they took the tour of the service. not even the badnamers want them. they're not the type to "go along to get along"

victorclf a month ago


Very funny minigame! Given the responses here, it would be nice to have a "browse as anonymous" button with another ending. Or perhaps an intro screen before the account creation to frame the account creation as part of the game.

But abcabc666 is a badnamer and his advice should likely be ignored.

lastdong a month ago

Some people here are overthinking it for sure, love the execution!

—— Useful advice on security, don’t ever give a username you’d actually use in random websites, just make something up, and obviously use a password generator.

etorresh a month ago

A great day to choose "UnwashedBellyButton" as my username

rpastuszak a month ago

We should pair up one day! I work on small experiments every Monday, and mess with games occasionally (e.g. this All-hands meeting simulator:

  • drcode a month ago

    We should, send me an email (my HN username

mikewarot a month ago

I'm one of only two known MikeWarot's in the world (I'm sure there are more, not yet known to me)

What an interesting point, though.... the line noise I entered first to avoid actually making an account proved that's a bad idea in this game. ;-)

--Mike-- did ok, though.

disposedtrolley a month ago

Thanks for posting! Gave me a good chuckle at the beginning of my day, and I miss tiny projects that don't need to aspire to be the next big thing.

Although, I'm not sure if the game or some of the comments here is more entertaining...

metadat a month ago

It really didn't like dildonic. What a shame. xD

someweirdperson a month ago

I win!

More imoortantly though, I found a bug: My login does not work!

  • drcode a month ago

    Try entering it in twice

    • someweirdperson a month ago

      Ah. Twice not enough, needed trice.

      • drcode a month ago

        Ooops, off by one error in my code, sorry :)

ariasemi a month ago

I used bitwarden to generate a username for me and got the good ending on the first try, phew!

  • drcode a month ago


bambax a month ago

Good ending with wtf.

But it says 24% are better... It would be interesting to know how the ranking works.

  • drcode a month ago

    Here's the core code, if you really want to know:

      (defn score [s]
       (let [s1         (st/lower-case s)
             s2         (remove-nonstandard s1)
             s3         (remove-numbers s2)
             splits     (split-words s3)
             all-words? (= (count s3) (count (apply str splits)))]
        (cond-> {}
          all-words?                             (assoc :all-words 0)
          true                                   (assoc :num
                                                        (* (count s)
                                                           (if all-words?
          (names s3)                             (assoc :names 1000)
          (and (dictionary s3) (not (names s3))) (assoc :dictionary 1000)
          (not= (count s2) (count s3))           (assoc :numbers -500)
          (not= (count s1) (count s2))           (assoc :nonstandard -500))))
    • drcode a month ago

      I think the percentile code doesn't attempt to accurately handle identical scores and will give sloppy results in that case, so even if 24% have the same score it will report 24%

RugnirViking a month ago

Nice! I had a couple tries and then got the good ending with "zebra"

t_mann a month ago

Did you make the graphics yourself? What do you use?

  • drcode a month ago

    Procreate on the ipad

hellweaver666 a month ago

I managed to get the good ending with test11111

atum47 a month ago

Can I test it without an account?

  • bsuvc a month ago

    Not really. It sort of needs an account for it to work. If you create one you will see what I mean.

laurensr a month ago

Suggestion: create a temporary user account for new users which allows them to start the game immediately without creating an account. The 'anonymous' account can then be upgraded to a 'real' account if the user wants to.

  • Kiro a month ago

    Then there would be no game.

  • muzani a month ago

    it's a dystopian simulator

dingosity a month ago

You're going to think I'm a horrible person who's telling you your baby is ugly. But that's not what I'm trying to do. I'm sure your game is great. Some day I will push past my login-fatigue and log in to start playing.

My constructive criticism... and I'm not trying to be a jerk about this, what little I saw of the game looks pretty cool... but... would you consider not having to sign up for an account before playing. Even if an account is required for the game mechanics, maybe randomly generate a user id and let the user start playing. Then if they like it they can change their username and add a password.

Again. Not trying to be a jerk here. I appreciate the hard work you've put into this thing.

  • drcode a month ago

    Thanks, no need to be polite, I agree the initial experience sucks, it's kind of required by this particular project. Here is my last weekend project, as you can see it totally is in line with your UI advice:

    • dingosity a month ago

      oh yes. that is quite cool.

      • drcode a month ago

        FYI, I'd love to hear your initial take on the UI for another fun project I'm releasing in the near future (maybe August). It has a bit of a complicated workflow and I'm struggling hard to simplify it and make it comprehendible. If you send me an email at [my HN username] I will send you an early link and your can tear into me how crappy the user experience is if you want :-)

  • wincy a month ago

    This is a really funny considering the nature of the game.

  • Kiro a month ago

    That would defeat the whole purpose of the game.

taddevries a month ago

Maybe link to an about page. Dropping me straight to a login/create account is off putting. I'm sure it's a fun and interesting game but I want to know something about the content before forking over bits of PII.

  • dpcan a month ago

    Oh wow, this comment is absolutely perfect for this post.

    Just so you know, you are technically losing the game right now :)

    • Confiks a month ago

      The game is rigged, but you cannot lose if you do not play.

  • gruez a month ago

    I mean it could be PII, but it doesn't have to be. Just randomly generate a username/password. If your name is john smith there's no reason why you need to use "jsmith" as your username for every site.

    • lgas a month ago

      Yes but it requires effort to create an account and remember a password, etc. and there's no incentive to do that without an about page or some other information about the game.

      • MattPalmer1086 a month ago

        I just made up something. I wasn't intending to come back, but I could always create another one if it was worth it.

    • thom a month ago

      Yeah maybe just try JS or even J?

  • drcode a month ago

    Good points, but I can't respond to your points without creating spoilers

  • Kiro a month ago

    The form is literally the game. All these comments are even better and more meta than the game itself.

  • schemescape a month ago

    They did say it was dystopian…

  • fnordpiglet a month ago

    My hint is stop once you’ve entered anything more PII than your IP address in their server logs.

schemescape a month ago

All these suggestions about removing account requirements prove that Hacker News is the perfect audience for this game.

Supermancho a month ago
  • drcode a month ago

    You might like my previous weekend project instead:

    That one was a much larger effort.