Nimble (YC S17) is hiring a part-time React/Django SWE (AI to recruit teachers)

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Nimble (YC S17) uses AI to help schools recruit & hire great teachers. We're seeking a full-stack SWE contractor for 15+ hours per week over the next 2-3 months, beginning in early to mid August. Must have 3+ years' experience with Django and 2+ years with React.

If interested, send a resume and/or your Github to More below.


What you'll be doing: - Developing and maintaining secure and scalable features for our web platform in React and Django - Working with various databases and data stores to reliably and quickly manage application data - Building out extensive tests to ensure feature stability and quickly catch regressions

Requirements: - 3+ years of experience in Django web framework and its ORM - 2+ years of experience with React, including functional components and React Hooks - 3+ years experience with relational SQL databases (Postgres knowledge preferred) - Familiarity with event-driven development in Python (using Celery, RabbitMQ, etc.) - Understanding of REST API design and development best practices

Bonus Points: - Familiarity with Heroku and/or strong understanding of deployment pipelines - Experience with ElasticSearch - Strong understanding of statically-typed languages or frameworks (e.g. Typescript)