GoGoGrandparent (YC S16) is hiring a lead full-stack engineer

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About us: We're a digital caregiver that helps older & disabled adults avoid retirement communities and age well in their own homes. We tailor on demand APIs from companies like Uber and Instacart to the needs of people living with cognitive, visual, mobility and dexterity impairments. We're operating profitably with millions in revenue and growing quickly. Our company is remote first. Total engineering headcount, including this position, is eight.

The position: FULLY REMOTE | Full-time | US, UK, or able to work 4+ hours overlap with mainland US

Lead the engineering as the first Tech Lead (full-stack) at the rarest of things - a Silicon Valley startup that is both wholesome AND profitable. We are also looking for a Senior Backend Engineer.

Tech stack (*required): Back-end heavy (Node*, Typescript*, MySQL*, REST*+GraphQL), front-end (Vue), deploy (AWS, Docker/K8s)

Minimum 6 years software experience (4+ using Node). If full-stack, you must be strongest on the backend.

2-stage interview process.

If you want to help older adults and people with disabilities, send your LinkedIn/CV to william@gogograndparent.com (keep it brief) or apply at https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/gogograndparent/jobs (UK jobs can be applied for from anywhere and salary ranges can be adjusted for location/the right candidate)