CharlesW 16 days ago

"What is Celody? Celody is a network state powered by a new form of music. By listening to infinite music streams, you generate tokens that are used inside a musical universe of digital people. In short, Celody is a world born from music."

These words don't mean anything. There may be an interesting project in here, but it's impossible to say for sure. If the creators are reading, you really need to figure out what's interesting about this to your target audience.

  • m00dy 16 days ago


    >>> Celody generates tokens using a "proof of music" mechanism. If you listen to Celody music for a random time period, tokens will likely be generated. With this token, you can vote for laws, elect politicians, change personalities, swap images, mate people, chat, stake, buy stuff and more. The world is constantly expanding.

    You can do everything xD

    • uoaei 16 days ago

      Ah, so it's the attention economy, implemented in BlOcKcHaIn, folded in on itself until there is only a contrived utility that has zero basis outside of the narrow context it creates for itself.

    • flashgordon 16 days ago

      Hmm I got lost at "proof of". I wonder if this is validate of tweet by PG about "old people dont like new things because they consider them undignified" (or something similar). Seriously I dont actually get this. I do work (listen to music) to earn (coins) so I can do things? Isnt that what my day job is supposed to be?

    • robbrawkly 16 days ago

      So basically Zombocom?

      • mixmastamyk 16 days ago

        The only limit, is yourself.

        Sounds like you get eXperience Points for listening to music and that gives you privileges. Interesting, but bound to be dominated by those with serious time on their hands.

  • lotw_dot_site 16 days ago

    You can obviously do soooo much with it, that my mind boggles. As an example of how much more you can do versus some other things, I can only contribute a very boring example (involving no musical universe at all) via "Linux on the Web":

        1) Goto
        2) At the prompt, enter : import av && beep
        3) Once your head starts pounding, hit Ctrl+c
    Now wasn't that boring! :)
midenginedcoupe 16 days ago

Check out the "editing people" section.


> Because digital people have data which can be changed using tokens, they are capable of being unique entities. So you can interact with them. You can spend your tokens to chat with them. This chat is an artificial intelligence system that uses the digital person's data to communicate with you in real-time.

So listen to endless streams of shitty auto-generated musak in order to "earn" credit to spend on chatting to AI chatbots.

Sign me up!

woojoo666 16 days ago

This seems to be mostly a game / art project where you listen to music to gain in-game currency which you can use to manipulate digital NPCs (like Sim City but with music).

There's other ways to earn tokens though. You can submit songs, and if they get enough votes from other users, you get tokens. So I guess this is a mix of a music streaming platform, and a simulation game.

What a wild and weird concept. I'd love to see more art projects like this.

  • ccamrobertson 16 days ago

    > What a wild and weird concept. I'd love to see more art projects like this.

    Yes. This is a fascinating experiment; I would love to see the code to understand if it approaches a true "decentralized autonomous organization".

TheOtherHobbes 16 days ago

I'd like to think this is approaching peak blockchain, but I strongly suspect it really isn't.

whoomp12342 16 days ago

I so confused. Listen to music and get alt coins? is that what is happening here? whats the catch?!?!

  • drcongo 16 days ago

    I think the catch is that pretty much nobody would want to do that.

midenginedcoupe 16 days ago

I'm getting strong Temple OS vibes from this. Has anyone checked in on the creator of this site to see if they're OK?

  • unforswearing 16 days ago

    Unfortunately Terry Davis died in 2018

m00dy 16 days ago

People photos on the main page are deepfakes :)

wwwtyro 16 days ago

I assume this is an attempt at an implementation of Balaji Srinivasan's Network State idea:

  • Jonovono 16 days ago

    I was also wondering this, having just finished the book, but I am still kind of confused.

pipeline_peak 16 days ago

There are more people creating virtual worlds and currency systems than actually participating in them.