YC Event: Becoming a founding engineer at a YC startup, Aug 10th

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We see a lot of interest from HN on what working at a startup is like, and particularly being one of the first few engineers.

Next Wednesday, YC is running an event to learn more about being a founding engineer at a startup.

We'll have three founding engineers sharing their experiences at early stage startups -- Gar from Cambly, Jordan from Explo and Jennifer from Finley.

We'll start with some questions about the differences between larger vs. early startups, what the pros and cons are, and then open it to Q&A from the audience.

At YC, we try to be pretty open and honest about working at early stage companies, and we hope this will shed more light on what the experience is like, and if it's right for you.

Let us know if you're coming at the link below, and feel free to shoot questions to ryan@ycombinator.com.