Anunayj 13 days ago

> Do you intend to run this indefinitely? No. I'm treating this as an experiment. I intend to run it throughout August 2022, after which there will be no more updates – but I'll keep the already generated summaries indefinitely.

Awh this is such a shame! However, I understand this is probably a big burden to author considering it costs around 0.7$ per run! (Costing OP 21$/month) + time they have to spend curating all the answers (because of OpenAI guidelines). But I am really impressed by this, and really want this to be a thing.

coldblues 14 days ago

Not bad. Now I might actually have an idea what the articles are about instead of just going straight to reading the comments.

throwaway888abc 14 days ago

Really like the format.

Magic wand suggestions:

1) Would it be possible to get summary of comments too (should be good fun to read) ?

2) Make the summary longer (more words)

Thanks, will keep an eye

rob74 14 days ago

Have to bookmark this! I just saw it on (where I don't have an account to comment) and searched for it here. Too bad it didn't make the front page...

The summaries are already mostly really good! Some ideas for improvement:

- often the summary starts with "the article" - that can be left out, because it's clear what we are talking about. E.g. "The article is about a website that shows the shortest route between two points on the Peutinger map" -> "A website that shows..."

- would be more helpful if it would summarize what's currently on the HN front page - but I guess this is due to calling the app manually rather than using a cronjob ;) ? EDIT: ah, ok, it's covered in the FAQ that it's due to costs...

  • nathell 14 days ago

    OP here. I’ll leave ‘The article...’ for now, as my idea was to show off what GPT-3 does when you tell it to summarize, without editorializing.

    Your second point is addressed in the FAQ: it is actually being called by a cron job, but I need to review the output every time, per my agreement with OpenAI. But if you want summarization of what’s on HN right now, sign up for an OpenAI API key, clone the code, and just run it yourself :)