Show HN: Score In URL, a sheet music editor that store everything in URL

6 points by powersnail 14 days ago

I'm excited to publish my new project, [Score In URL](, a simple, privacy-friendly, sheet music sharing service, where the entire content is encoded in the URL itself as a query parameter. It comes with a decent text editor, rendered score, and audio.

The sheet music is notated with ABC Notation, rendered by abcjs.

This project is heavily inspired by [Hashify](, which encodes a markdown document into its URL.

The code is here:

I made this with ViteJS and Tailwind CSS, and hosts it with GitHub Pages. I'm not proficient in front-end development at all, my past experience in this area being basically vanilla HTML/CSS, with a tiny bit of JS. This is in fact my first try at using any front-end framework. I sincerely welcome all feedback.

The idea came to me when I tried to convey the idea of an exercise in a music forum. No forum I've used have native support for any form of sheet music. It's either typing "CDEFGAB", which isn't very readable and scales horribly for anything complex; or sharing an image, which is tedious because you have to open up an engraving software, export, and upload. And none of those approach has audio. You can read more about my thoughts [here](