Show HN: Weightless – a minimalist newsletter tool for static sites

6 points by mzrnsh 14 days ago

Collecting emails sounds easy but if you have a static site, you need to use some sort of an external service for this. Maybe I am too picky but I didn't like the available options so I built one myself.

Here's how it works:

- You create a mailing list on the landing page (

- It gives you a URL you can attach to a <form> tag as an action attribute

- Any time someone submits that form, you receive an email with your subscribers

Collecting emails this way is free, and if you already have a styled form, you can have this up & running in couple minutes.

I know Show HN posts shouldn't require signing up, but I do need to have an email because that's where you get your subscribers list.

One note: Weightless also allows you send mass emails to your subscribers, but that's a paid feature. You DON'T have to use it, you can use Weightless only for collecting emails, and worry about messaging them later. When you are starting out and have only a couple subscribers, you can simply email everyone manually, one by one.

remram 13 days ago

A privacy policy that lists your subcontractors is probably a good idea (which necessarily exist unless you are delivering emails yourself). You are dealing with personal information.