Show HN: Genie Builder, no-code UI plugin for building data apps

38 points by essenciary 14 days ago

Hi! Genie Builder is a free VSCode plugin that makes it easy to build web GUIs for Julia applications (and in future, Python apps too). Users can simply drag & drop UI elements to create interactive dashboards and data apps, without writing any frontend code.

The tool is designed for data scientists and researchers who need to expose their data models to business users with an interactive web application, but lack the software development skills to build one.

Genie Builder completely eliminates the need to learn frontend development to code the UI. And very soon, we’re also going to support one-click cloud deployments to make it easy to build AND deploy data apps - no frontend nor devops skills required.

I’m Adrian, the creator of the open-source Genie web framework ( Genie offers low-code libraries for building data applications - just like Streamlit or Dash, but for JuliaLang. We developed Genie Builder because of feedback from our open source community who needs more productive data tooling.

caleb-allen 13 days ago

Wow, this looks amazing!

I'm not in data science but have been using Julia for about 2 years. I write almost all my personal code in Julia, and one of the biggest roadblocks for me is surfacing my code as a Web GUI.

I'm very excited to give this a try!