Zaheer 3 days ago

I don’t have experience working with Senior Staff’s at Google but in regards to Amazon L7, they’re often very high impact influencing several ‘two pizza teams’ as Amazon calls it. Almost all L7s are expected to be hands on to some degree. This is a stark difference than most companies in which at this level people rarely touch code anymore. Amazon had a very defined track. Moving to L8 is very difficult as it should be. There are probably leas than 50 L8s in all of Amazon if I had to guess. For comparisons check out I’m one of the cofounders so happy to answer any other questions as well.

Gortal278 2 days ago

I would check out the app called blind. You'll be able to ask the same question to more of your target audience.

  • MikeTheRocker 2 days ago

    I agree with this advice with the caveats that you

    1) Take care of your mental health first and foremost 2) Ensure you don't tie your self-worth to your income, as so many do on that app