thundergolfer 12 days ago

Damn, that's awful. I listened to the pod just last week, when Jeff interviewed Wes McKinney of Apache Arrow[1]. Jeff seemed a bit rough during the interview, and the audio quality was really poor for a long-running professional podcast – lot's a sniffing from jeff. It actually looks like they've deleted the episode.

All the best to the Software Eng Daily team.


acjohnson55 12 days ago

Super sad. Some may remember his erratic behavior when he was struggling with mental illness, but I'll remember him for his incredible work ethic and ability to shine a light on just about every corner of the software development industry. I'm really sad for how much he suffered and that he's no longer with us. I was hoping to see him get well and do so much more.

nodra 12 days ago

Super sad. I really enjoyed the podcast. Condolences to his loved ones.