skellyclock 6 days ago

Gary Yang has published over 200 research articles that have been cited over 18,000 times and has over 50 US and foreign patents granted or in pending.

  • remarkEon 6 days ago

    They he should be well aware of the rules here, shouldn’t he?

petegordon 6 days ago

Interesting. The article reads to me like a corporate and political public relations campaign for the license by Forever Energy. Though, the license does seem to be getting transferred around internationally. I read that UniEnergy Technologies declared bankruptcy in October 2021.

I wish the USA had more transparent intellectual property laws and publicly available licensing for government funded research, something more similar to FOSS communities.

giuliomagnifico 6 days ago

> They were building a battery — a vanadium redox flow battery — based on a design created by two dozen U.S. scientists at a government lab. The batteries were about the size of a refrigerator, held enough energy to power a house, and could be used for decades.

Well, it’s an interesting story but there’re so many new “breakthrough battery discoveries” that I don’t think this could be dramatic, I also think that U.S. don’t sell things to China if they think this thing could be even barely useful inside the tech world.

LiquidSky 6 days ago

I hope this Chin guy appreciated it.

  • lambdaba 6 days ago

    Titles have a max length, in case you didn’t know

    • lambdaba 6 days ago

      Abbreviating technology to “tech” would be better

      • plasticchris 6 days ago

        Done :) thanks I didn’t even notice when submitting

trasz 6 days ago

Gave, or just sold?