sixhobbits 2 months ago

Hey HN, got the idea to build this a few days ago when someone mentioned that they were looking to migrate their technical community away from Slack due to the new 3-month free-tier limit for messages.

It's pretty rough around the edges still, but if it's something you might find useful, let me know and I'll keep working on it.

btown 2 months ago

Great to see something that's turnkey here! For those who need "unlimited power" to build structured data from Slack, I'm a big fan of Skyvia's Slack connector which can maintain a synchronized copy of a Slack workspace in any SQL database you give it write access to. It's not cheap, but works quite well, and then your content can be sliced however you need it to be, and insights built into your internal tools.

awsation 2 months ago

Is there a solution like this for Microsoft Teams ?

  • lostlogin 2 months ago

    This might make me read stuff from Teams, but I bet I’d still be sour about it.

chuckmeyer 2 months ago

This is cool! Let me know if you'd be interested in using Algolia for the search piece. It would be a fun implementation and should fall under the not-for-profit program.

czue 2 months ago

Love this! Just used it to archive one of my slack communities and it worked great.

Macacity 2 months ago

Will I be able to remove my slack archive from this site after uploading it?

  • sixhobbits 2 months ago

    not automatically at the moment, but if you email me I can delete it for you.

orlandrescu 2 months ago

Is it possible to self-host?

  • sixhobbits 2 months ago

    Yes, you will get a link to a .zip file of the entire website after uploading too so you can host it yourself. I'll add an option to self-host the tool itself too if it's something people want as I know uploading all your messages to a random website might not be for everyone!

    • 3np 2 months ago

      > I'll add an option to self-host the tool itself too if it's something people want

      Having the source available under a license allowing me to locally inspect, build, and run it locally is a prerequisite for this to be interesting at all. Which would actually make it very interesting. For me, moreso than it actually working flawlessly.

      > uploading all your messages to a random website might not be for everyone!

      It should not be for anyone who either cares about their message content secrecy or who's uploading company chats where this is prohibited.

kampsduac 2 months ago

What's the search indexing architecture look like under the hood?

  • sixhobbits 2 months ago

    It uses mkdocs-material which is built with Lunr

f0e4c2f7 2 months ago

Anything like this for Discord?

  • rhyssullivan1 2 months ago

    I've built a solution for this for Discord, it's called AnswerOverflow! (

    Doing this indexing work is a bit different on Discord as their privacy policy doesn't let you publicly share users messages without them consenting first - so this project has got a lot built out for driving user consent to allow for those messages to be displayed publicly.

    For users who haven't explicitly said they want their messages to be public, those messages can still be shown on the site they just have to be behind a sign in that checks if the users are in the same server

    A big focus of this project is building out tools to improve help channels on Discord and then using what gets built out to drive user consent, for example one feature of it is being able to mark questions as solved which also prompts users to contribute their messages

    • madeofpalk 2 months ago

      Have you been approved for the privileged message content intent? Or you just relying on staying < 100 servers?

      • rhyssullivan1 2 months ago

        I haven't requested privileged message content intent yet as you need to be in at least 75 servers to do that but I don't think this project will have any trouble getting it - the plan is to grow past 100 servers, at the moment I'm working on reaching out to people to grow it more.

        It's already gone through some review at Discord as the bot got incorrectly quarantined when it was in its first server, so I had to explain what it was and how it worked in my support ticket. They didn't raise any concerns and unquarantined it

        Compliance with the ToS is also expanded upon more at

    • f0e4c2f7 2 months ago

      Wow this looks great - thanks for sharing.

  • bbu 2 months ago

    A few days ago I've used to import the slack channels to Discord. It's not perfect (doesn't use threads) but it's one of the better tools I've found.

    If somebody knows a more recent/feature rich tool, I'd love to hear it!

    rereading your comment: I guess you are looking for a way to export your discord history, not import your slack history into discord. sorry!

    • nthitz 2 months ago

      Heya, glad you found the tool useful, I made it just for my small friends Slack/Discord. Probably won't be making many updates, but I'm still curious what features you wish the tool had!

  • sixhobbits 2 months ago

    Haven't looked at Discord yet but there's another comment that links to a tool that supports both

kfrzcode 2 months ago

Glean is pretty great!

michaelbuckbee 2 months ago

This is neat, but it seems a bit more like just a searchable index and not so much like an actual structured "knowledgebase". is something we've been using as you don't have to deal with the slog of searching through all the inane conversations to find what you're looking for (and it's a lot more structured). That being said, you do have recognize that you want to save something up front.

Maybe use both?

  • amattn 2 months ago

    Thanks for the shoutout! KB Clip Founder here.

    I'm happy to answer any questions people have. Initial feedback has been pretty positive so far.

    Valid point about how KB Clip is "opt-in". that's intentional as many channels can be like a firehose. The core tenet of KB Clip design is that the most important info should be clipped and it should only take seconds to do so. I love a good pun or gif war and anyone, but not in my wiki or KB.

    That being said, I've also got some roadmap features that help surface conversations that heuristically might be important to save as well.

  • fideloper 2 months ago

    Hey, I was just looking into kbclip the other day, that looks really solid. It works within the native Slack app, which is a nicer experience than trying to replicate data into an external wiki in my case.

  • lettergram 2 months ago

    I built this:

    Works more like a searchable knowledge graph, with the ability to identify users as nodes. Ie you can search for answers in the messages, links that probably have answers and people who would likely know the answers (we then link to said people).

  • sixhobbits 2 months ago

    Yeah SaveSlack creates one markdown fine per channel under the hood so its quite easy to clean things up and edit them but does take a bit of manual work

  • 1kevgriff 2 months ago

    kbclip was my immediate thought too! It's such a cool tool, everyone should check it out.

squid322 2 months ago

what is the difference to

  • cheeseblubber 2 months ago

    Hi I'm the author of I can elaborate a bit on this. There are a ton of free tools that offer some form or another of this service. About half of the communities that are using Linen have built something similar themselves.

    We offer a bunch of little things that you might not build but are very helpful:

    * We support real time message sync in addition to historic uploads

    * We support sitemaps for large communities since our largest community has over 50k members and almost a million messages and it makes it easier for google to find the conversations

    * We support emoji and image attachments

    * We offer anonymization for your community members so it hides display name as well as profile pictures.

    We charge a higher price for premium account because we are 2 full time engineers working on this and want to hit profitability so we can be around for the long run. We are still experimenting with the pricing model so if pricing is an issue let me know.

  • sixhobbits 2 months ago

    oh that looks great! I didn't find it when I was looking for Slack export tools, but looks a bit more polished. Not sure if it's fully static though? Seems a bit slower to me, so that might be one key difference.

    • squid322 2 months ago

      yea its fully static and also offers a paid plan with CNAME and so on. It works fairly well for me but there is still room for improvement. Was only a matter of time until some competition appeared, do you already have an idea how your paid plan will look like? Another key differentiator could be a selfhosting option as mentioned above. will definitely follow this projects progress

      • sixhobbits 2 months ago

        I would definitely offer a lower price for custom domain -- 99/month seems excessive, but no I haven't thought too much about pricing yet - would love to hear your thoughts on what you would be happy to pay for what features!

schnebbau 2 months ago

Start thinking about what you will rename to when Slack send you a C & D for using their name in yours.

  • sixhobbits 2 months ago

    That will mean it is successful!

mushufasa 2 months ago

Alternatively -- use Zulip

dijonman2 2 months ago

Solving a problem that shouldn’t exist. Use other products like Confluence

  • junipertea 2 months ago

    1. Confluence is awful. 2. The reality is, people use slack right now and share an enormous amount of knowledge within channels. Would it be better if everyone spent effort writing knowledge to a wiki and linking it? Maybe. It is not happening right now and this tool solves a problem that does exist.