darrenbuckner 2 months ago

Greetings, HN. We got the idea for this during our years of building a large virtual community of remote workers and wanting an easier way to create bespoke online places for people to connect and meetup around a specific purpose or theme. Kind of like MySpace meets Zoom.

*We wanted to make it easy to do three things really well:* 1) Create rooms on the fly that others can join with just a browser 2) Heavily customize them to a specific purpose or group 3) Have fun designing and being creative (the Internet needs more creative spaces we can make our own)

Every room has the following (and more): - A front door that can be left open or closed - A dedicated URL that can be shared for easy access - Simple theming and design tools - Customizable background music - Slack notifications to a channel or DM when people show up

I linked this to a "neighborhood" so you can see a collection of rooms in one place. This view helps to inspire what is possible when you create a group of spaces.

Thanks, everyone, and please share your thoughts!

Start creating your own at https://workfrom.com/try

  • joshxyz 2 months ago

    workfrom.com/try requires sign-up though, far from "Create rooms on the fly that others can join with just a browser", is it possible to try it without signing up? (maybe with limited features?)