llagerlof a year ago

That is certainly a very useful service.

I think the solution need some improvement, because:

1. The system relies in a third party person. What happens if the user loses the qrcode? Or even if he becomes unavailable?

2. What if the system send the e-mail, but the user doesn't see it (mail server error, spam inbox, etc)?

3. What if the server/domain goes down? This type of service must the the most reliable possible. Maybe a government funded project could address this.

I hope you find solutions for these problems.

Since you touched this subject, Google has a service that aims the same, but the validation is different. If the user doesn't access his account after n months, a phone call is made to the user AND an e-mail is sent to someone the user choose.


  • ciccionamente a year ago

    Hey, thanks for your feedback!

    1. This problem could be avoided by leaving the QR code to more than one trusted recipient.

    2. When you create the emergency note, you can add up to two personal email addresses. If one doesn’t work, you can rely on your other email server. We also ask the message creators to add our email address to their email provider's safe senders list in order to prevent any notification from us regarding the emergency note from mistakenly ending up in spam.

    3. It can be that the server goes down but it will be always restored in less than 24 hours, which means that no emergency note can be mistakenly accessed in the meantime.

    Regarding the inactive service from Google: it’s certainly useful in order to let the user decide what to do with the personal data but it doesn’t allow to send a custom message. Moreover, not everyone has a Gmail account.

atmosx a year ago

I thought about a similar service quite a few times. The problem ensuring longevity. In short, the hard part is the technical side, it's the org side.

roberdam a year ago

Awesome!, Free, Opensource and does not store any data, can't ask for more

catonmylap a year ago

I like the idea itself. However I would not use such kind of service since I'm always assuming that when I'm dead those services aren't there anymore.