Show HN: Releese – Music business management software

4 points by midsplit 2 months ago

After working in the music industry myself as an artist (Midsplit) and as a label manager / employee (ChillYourMind, Strange Fruits) I noticed that the music industry has very antiquated tools that are often expensive and rarely updated.

I had the idea to build a platform that could streamline the entire releasing process of music, we nailed it down to metadata management, royalty splits, landing pages generation, distribution to major stores and royalty collection (publishing + neighboring) rights.

After building this with a small team for 18 months, we finally managed to create our vision with a surprisingly functional product.

Our cloud infrastructure is based on Google Cloud and our app is 98% Typescript (Thank you Github)

I would love to know how someone in or outside the music industry feels about the platform.

Hopefully we will help shape a better music industry!