sgrove a month ago

> It uses php-wasm, which is a WebAssembly build of PHP.

I'm very bullish on the application of wasm in general at this point. It's such an interesting combination of:

   * a reasonable compile target

   * a reasonable-to-implement-safely runtime

   * Already widespread deploy targets (in the form of browsers and now more and more cloud providers)
It feels like a sort of ouroboros is happening in front of us right now with a new infra layer about to bootstrap itself. That'll then enable tons of interesting new applications - wasm as a plugin runtime for applications, wasm3/wasmer for running wasm on the server (and elsewhere, like the Gameboy advance, of course!).

> It's just a demo, and isn't supposed to be a real-world example of performance or best practices.

I also appreciate that it's still in an experimentation phase. Looks like a silly toy, like a lot of things do before they become mainstream.

boredpudding a month ago

I wonder how this would work running for example Symfony or Laravel. If you can get that working, it can run pretty much anything.