Show HN: Wordle but for Tweets

20 points by mox111 2 months ago

Hey HN

I built this simple app that grabs four popular tweets from the last 24 hours and removes a word from each, so that the missing words spell out a phrase. It's the player's job to guess the missing words.

A key motive for building this was that, to be honest, I was finding much of the news and social media dialogue quite depressing. I thought that if a wholesome or inspirational phrase can be built out of these (often tiresome) tweets, then there would be something nice about that.

The stack included GCloud scheduler (for daily Tweet scraping and automatic puzzle generation), Supabase (which, by the way, is fantastic) and Next / Vercel.

ceasesurthinko 2 months ago

Really good animations! Hoping we can play past games or at least generate new phrases after completing the day's puzzle because this is somewhat entertaining and dopaminergic for some odd reason.

nouryqt 2 months ago

I like it a lot, small feedback:

The share text has the link as ( If you change the link in the text to be like ( ) it will be clickable in Discord and others.

soperj 2 months ago

Honest think that it's really well made, but intensely disliked the game (can't please everyone). Well done on the design and execution though!

RockRobotRock 2 months ago

Cool idea. I wish I could be notified when tomorrow's game is ready.

Swarup_Tripathy 2 months ago

Wow! I really enjoyed it. Hoping to play more.