dfree29 a month ago

Morning HN,

I worked at Synology. We just released our cloud object storage service on Synology C2, our cloud platform.

The followings are some key points about C2 Object Storage: 1. Native built with S3 APIs for you to integrate with the existing tools/apps. 2. There's no API request, data upload fees, and data deletion fees. 3. Data download fees are included in the reserved storage plan (US$6.99/TB/Month)

Besides, we offer 15 GB for free for you to try out all features. Feel free to leave any feedback or questions. Thank you.

aborsy a month ago

There are countless storage providers and services these days. Backblaze was mentioned. There are other examples too, cheaper than the ones used in the chart for comparison. For instance, Dropbox offers 2TB for $10/month. It’s not exactly for backups, but works for that too.

What’s the advantage of C2 relative to existing options (not the expensive ones used in the chart)?

  • dfree29 a month ago

    Indeed, there are lots of cloud storage providers. The pricing concept of C2 Object Storage is to make it as much as simple, and to let users retrieve as much data as they have stored for free every month. In general backup and restore cases (,and also cases with moderate download traffic demands), you only need to pay for the storage fees (without additional hidden charges).

derekzhouzhen a month ago

I just migrate from S3 to Backblaze and so far I am happy. I will keep this in mind. The document said:

> The minimum unit of data on C2 Object Storage is 128 KB

How abut files that are 129KB, will it count as 256KB? My application is a picture album, with file size raging from 100KB to a few MB. Would this cause me quite a bit of waste in space?

  • dfree29 a month ago

    The files with more than 128KB will be calculated as what it is. Only the files under 128KB will be deemed as 128KB. For example, a 256KB file is calculated as 256KB, another file with only 100KB will be calculated as 128KB.