Show HN: SolidInbox – Find new customers on Twitter

3 points by sameehsn a month ago

Solidinbox helps you scale your Twitter outreach through automated DMs. So basically you can find relevant Twitter profiles that you want to reach out to using bunch of great filters. Create collections and send mass personalized DMs (eg: Hey John) all on automation.

I found DMing people very useful and I see its very helpful for early founders, agency owners and freelancers too so I thought it would be cool to build something around it.

Other features like setting up "auto-reply" are also there.

Happy to say we have 150+ users now on our platform and we are growing rapidly. See if it helps anyone.


mahdix a month ago

Hello everyone! Mahdi here. I'm a co-founder of SolidInbox.

We started SolidInbox when we were trying to find customers on Twitter. Finding your target niche, reaching out to them and managing the conversations was a very difficult task. That's why we started SolidInbox to automate the process.

Our tech stack is React/Typescript + Java + Mysql. The boring tech stack :-D

We are keen to get feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.