Show HN: Hire experts in popular SaaS/no-code tools

4 points by xq2r7 a month ago

Hi HN We have built Heep to help startups take advantage of the best no-code/SaaS tools and increase their ROI on the tools they already are paying for.

It's super simple - we match you with experts in popular tools like Notion, Bubble, Webflow for any kinds of project. So far we had over 200 companies build all kind of staff with makers on Heep - from improving their internal ops with automations (Zapier, Airtable) to building full scale MVPs (Bubble, Glide).

We focus on curating talent and making it easy for anyone to navigate the no-code space. We have messenger and payments built-in inside the platform and adding simple contracts soon.

On the talent side we are allowing you to monetise your expertise in any SaaS/no-code tool and earn $2K+ per month. Right now we have over 300 experts on the platform across 40+ tools.

We are still working on making the experience smooth for customers and the main point of launching here is to get feedback on what could be done better on finding/hiring an expert.

Would love to discuss what do you like/dislike about existing freelance platforms out there.

Love from Kyiv/Berlin

cupachabra a month ago

Not sure the demand on no-code skillsets is there yet but its definitely something that will grow over the years. Congrats on your launch!

  • xq2r7 a month ago

    Thank you for your comment!

    The demand for no-code is growing really fast, with for example adding 1M new users just over the last year. Other tools like Airtable, Zapier, Notion also have been among the fastest-growing SaaS tools out there. Even those platforms position themselves as a self-serve solution every third user needs help with their application.