yardshop 16 days ago

Runs well on Windows 10, looks decent. Single 7MB executable that can be copied around. A lot of handy tools for a self contained app.

A few initial observations: the list of languages in the Scratch Pad is not correctly sorted. Also the Powershell results for errors show the ANSI escape codes. It would be nice if those were interpreted and the output colored.

It would also be nice if each editor held on to its text when you switch apps. I could see putting some code together in the scratch pad or the markdown editor, then going over to a color or number convertor to get a result, then going back to what I already had in progress.

Altogether though, great start and very nice job!

  • Sparkenstein 16 days ago

    Thank you so much for trying it out. The languages scratchpad actually comes from a third party provider, including execution and output. I will definitely see if I can escape the ANSI codes.

    About storing states absolutely makes sense. will fix this 100%.

Sparkenstein 16 days ago

Hey author here. I am so sorry for releasing untested version, apparently every OS is seeing blank page somehow. Will fix this and release soon

gkfasdfasdf 16 days ago

If it's web-UI based, is there an online version of this, either exactly this hosted or something similar? Seems like it would make for a useful site.

Edit: similar online tool here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=32899714

  • Sparkenstein 16 days ago

    I think it's doable. the thing is system communication is handled through rust at the moment. so will have to do a lot of refactoring to move it to pure web based tool

flatiron 16 days ago

I use this which does not require and installation https://gchq.github.io/CyberChef/

  • pranaysharma 16 days ago

    Whole idea is not to post online

    • IceWreck 16 days ago

      This thing doesn't send requests to a server, it all executes on your own CPU

    • account-5 16 days ago

      In fairness you can run that completely offline. It's self contained, that's just a demo.

schmorptron 16 days ago

This looks amazing, especially since it includes a REST client. Will try it out tomorrow!

mcbuilder 16 days ago

And they say POSIX is dead, we have webapps!

timothylaurent 16 days ago

Why is a broken app on top of the HN feed?

  • Sparkenstein 16 days ago

    I kinda down own a macbook at the moment, so was not able to test it on other platforms

tehlike 16 days ago

This looks solid!

We need a web version of this, running in browser, and that allows link sharing (snippet sharing), with added tools like postgres query plan visualizer etc.

Then you can even charge for it.

I started doing this, added a bunch of features, but got too lazy to add billing and multi tenancy/isolation for it. It was running everything (except ping tools) on client by default so it was both private and non private depending on which way you want to run it. Sharing would allow for collaborating with coworkers...

Happy to talk more if you want, email in profile