mtmail 7 days ago

A new London one was planned for September 8th but cancelled due to the venue becoming unavailabel (day of Queen's death). . If I recall 180 people signed up.

  • Chris_Newton 7 days ago

    There are definitely a few of us around in Cambridge, UK as well. I don’t know of any HN-specific meetups planned in this area, though it seems that several groups whose interests are likely to overlap with HN readers (about specific programming languages, for example) have started to hold real-world events again if anyone is looking for other local places to meet like-minded people.

  • tpoacher 3 days ago

    Huh. I cancelled last minute because I got covid.

    Didn't realise the whole thing ended up not happening at all in the end ...

    looking forward to the next one!

anigbrowl 7 days ago

There used to be bimonthly socials in SF that didn't have any particular focus, they were just an excuse for to hang out (and sometimes acquire a hangover).

wessorh 7 days ago

Anyone in the Bay Area interested in a HN Meetup?

  • rupi 6 days ago

    I have been looking for good meetup groups in the Bay Area for a few months and finally got inspired by you to solve my own problem.

    I have created a Hacker News Meetup for Bay Area:

    It looks like enough people are interested in different parts of the Bay Area that we can alternate meetups in SF and in South Bay/Peninsula.

    If anyone will like to help out or can donate space to meetup, please email me - my profile here has my contact details.

  • notfed 7 days ago

    If someone created an event "Hacker News Meetup" on, I'd go.

    • deltasevennine 6 days ago

      The problem is someone has to pay. It's not free.

      • rexpop 6 days ago

        Such a shame this is a forum for paupers.

        • deltasevennine 6 days ago

          I can pay. It's pennies. But I don't because I'd rather you pay.

          You and everyone else has the same opinion, thus nobody pays.

  • kiernanmcgowan 7 days ago

    Anyone still hanging around SF or did everyone flee during the pandemic?

    • teaearlgraycold 7 days ago

      That was a vocal minority

      • peyton 7 days ago

        Yep, still a decent place to hire employees.

    • tdumitrescu 7 days ago

      Still in the east bay. Plenty of humans still here

  • vegerot 7 days ago

    I’d be down for a spot between Menlo Park and SJ. Don’t really wanna go all the way to SF

  • gnicholas 7 days ago

    Put me down for the peninsula chapter!

  • arjvik 7 days ago

    Can we do one that's reachable by Caltrain? Would be amazing to make it from Stanford

    • gnicholas 7 days ago

      Or it could be held at Stanford…

  • jfim 7 days ago

    Sure if it's in the south bay

  • sourdesi 6 days ago

    +1 for SF or Peninsula

  • sepsol 7 days ago

    Let's do this!

  • vortep 7 days ago

    count me in as well!

tptacek 7 days ago

It does if you want it to. These have always been privately organized. If you set one up in Chicagoland, let me know.

  • CameronBanga 6 days ago

    A bit further out in the suburbs, but for anyone seeing this interested, we have a monthly meetup group in Valparaiso, IN, called ValpoHacks. We averages ~10-15 people per month and group has significant overlap with HackerNews interests.

    Here's meetup link for more info: If anyone has questions, my email is my HN username

  • d_philla 7 days ago

    +1 for a Chicago area IRL event. Would also love to be in the know.

  • addcninblue 7 days ago

    Please also loop me in for a Chicago event!

  • Rasbora 7 days ago

    There are dozens of us!

    • tptacek 7 days ago

      One of y'all should just pick a place. These things are easy to put together!

      • ezl 7 days ago

        i would go!

splch 7 days ago

An LA event would be a lot of fun!

  • donretag 7 days ago

    Would love for an LA event, but I am not holding my breath. People in Los Angeles are notoriously flaky and rarely attended tech events before the pandemic. Went to my first IRL tech event since 2020 a couple of weeks ago and only two people showed up (besides the 6 organizers).

    • people_not_bots 7 days ago

      Im in west LA, lets coordinate a simple meetup of the LA people in this post.

  • people_not_bots 7 days ago

    Im in LA should we organize a meetup? How would we do it properly?

    • drBonkers 7 days ago

      If it’s effective, here’s a When2Meet link [1] that should provide a heat map of when most of us on this thread are available.


      • mlubin01 6 days ago

        Filled in my slots, let's do something with this information.Looks like most folks are available on Saturday. Guessing we'd want to be in Santa Monica?

      • something98 7 days ago

        I don’t see (from my iPad) how we would coordinate beyond the overlapping times. Specifically, how do we contact each other once a time is agreed upon?

      • people_not_bots 6 days ago

        someone needs to make a version of this but with a no dox map. I dont know if all of you live in Santa Monica or Pasadena.

      • ForrestN 7 days ago

        Filled in my ideal windows

  • cruzai 7 days ago

    I second that!

devteambravo 7 days ago

I'm in a hackathon group with a few people locally and a few people from HN. We hang out on Discord and at my house. Though some of us have never met in person. Does that count?

atak1 7 days ago

Anyone here in NYC? Would love to do an IRL meetup

  • atak1 6 days ago

    If folks are interested, email me at: my username (dot) hackernews (at) gmail and we can set something up

  • benburton 7 days ago

    NYC checking in! Surely there are enough of us to put together a meetup?

    • atak1 5 days ago

      Yup there’s quite a bit :) email me at ^ and we’ll try to set smthg up!

    • 0xfacfac 7 days ago

      I'm flying to NYC on 10/15 :D

  • peterbell_nyc 7 days ago

    Im in NYC and would love this - how can I help?!

  • LecroJS 7 days ago

    Yes! This would be great

  • jbgolds 7 days ago

    Would be interested!

  • jzhen 7 days ago

    another vote for NYC

ValentineC 7 days ago

Anyone else in Singapore interested in a HN meetup?

no_wizard 7 days ago

I'd do a Bend, OR or Portland OR meetup for sure!

wingworks 7 days ago

New Zealand? Worth a try :P

  • protomyth 7 days ago

    Probably more likely than North Dakota. :)

wodenokoto 6 days ago

Other than using the HN name, and publicizing on HN, what goes into a "Hacker News" in-person event?

gwynn_meetup 7 days ago

Hi folks! Gwyn from Meetup's community support team here to offer folks from Hacker News a discount code to start an organizer subscription on Meetup. We love the energy and interest in creating community! Here's the link to get started: . Use code HACKER50 for 50% off a new 6-month subscription. The offer is valid until Monday, 9/26/2022 until 11:59 pm ET.

If you do end up starting a group or if you are an existing organizer, be sure to check out the Meetup Organizer Community on Discord for tips and help from experienced organizers and more!

  • phpthrowaway99 6 days ago

    Nothing has made me dislike meetup more than this message has.

nyellin 7 days ago

If anyone in the Tel Aviv area is interested, we ( would love to meetup!

freeqaz 7 days ago

ITT: A disturbing lack of people requesting a Seattle meetup!

I have a small group of founders I could likely convince to join. Anybody have any venues they would recommend? I've found Optimism to be pretty great

  • filoleg 7 days ago

    > a disturbing lack of people requesting a seattle meetup

    Not going to lie, as someone currently living in Seattle, the lack of people from here requesting a meetup is the most unsurprising thing in this thread.

    • aendruk 6 days ago

      LUGs etc seem to just starve here. What explains it?

      • filoleg 5 days ago

        From personal experience, combine the typical flakines/social non-commital of people from LA with typical nordic asocial behaviors, and that's what you got here.

        Add lots of tech people to the mix, a lot of whom would already be a bit predisposed and comfortable with such behaviors, and it gets even worse. Not trying to cast shade on anyone here, I am one of those "predisposed" people myself.

        Over the past 4 years, almost all of my closest friends left the city (3 non-locals, 1 who was born and raised here; out of those 4, I only knew 1 non-local prior to moving here) and moved to NYC, and they all couldn't be happier with their decision, years later.

        Trust me, I love my alone time and can go without interacting with people outside for days without feeling bad about it at all. But even for me, Seattle feels more suffocating than literally any other major city I've ever been in. Luckily, not staying here for much longer.

  • 0kl 6 days ago

    My org should be able to host an event if you want to try and throw something together.

    Unicorn start up and all that jazz. Likely they will want someone to give a short spiel.

  • bruceb 6 days ago

    Optimism lives on meetup type events. +1 for Seattle.

jlbbellefeuille 7 days ago

Anyone want to do a Sacramento / Davis / Folsom meet up?

I can host!

  • onemoresoop 7 days ago

    Ready to host like 4000 folks?

    • jrnichols 7 days ago

      there's that many HN folks in the Sacramento area?

      Sounds like we could take over Discovery Park and call it good. :)

      • jlbbellefeuille 7 days ago

        Sacramento is like Austin without the PR… (if you know you said this lmk)

        • jrnichols 3 days ago

          having lived in Texas for many years and now back to Sacramento...

          it wishes it was Austin. ;-)

  • soulofmischief 7 days ago

    Count me in! Maybe a public function would be more accommodating if enough people tap in.

  • staticsnow 7 days ago

    Kind of a lurker here but would be interested!

searchableguy 7 days ago

I have seen a post about meetup in India a few days ago but sadly, they used whatsapp for coordination so I didn't join. Wonder what happened to that?

  • londons_explore 7 days ago

    > they used whatsapp for coordination so I didn't join

    How much personal opportunity cost is acceptable before it becomes worth using a platform you don't like...?

    Remember that even if it your life's sole goal to eliminate the use of that platform worldwide, you will probably achieve more if you take every opportunity possible, including those gatekept by the platform you don't like...

    • searchableguy 7 days ago

      I wouldn't have been able to attend so it was futile to install whatsapp and join the discussion.

      There is no ideological reason behind it.

      • phpthrowaway99 6 days ago

        Then you wrote your original message in a very odd way, implying it was because of the WhatsApp use that you did not join. Not harping on you, just an FYI in case you're learning the language or would like to increase communication skills.

  • ajkjk 7 days ago

    They're probably communicating on whatsapp.

LastManStanding 6 days ago

I went once or twice to the one here in San Diego, years ago. They were smart and interesting people as I recall.

trentnix 7 days ago

Amarillo, Texas! Anyone? :-)

  • bradleysmith 7 days ago

    There’s this and no austin in this thread!

    Id love to hear what startup folks in the panhandle are working on.

    • nvahalik 7 days ago

      We need an Austin thread.

Melatonic 7 days ago

Wait - people still do IRL?!

  • ravenstine 7 days ago

    I know, right? pretty much turned into After going online during the pandemic, my meetup members showed no interest in IRL meetups again after things calmed down, so I basically gave up figuring it's a sign of the times.

    • bilsbie 7 days ago

      Someone should do a startup to disrupt

      Meet up is the experts exchange of social planning.

  • ajkjk 7 days ago

    Yes? the world is full of people who want to do things in person.

arnasp 7 days ago

Anyone in Dublin interested in a HN Meetup?

  • jmkni 6 days ago

    I'm in Belfast but I'd drive down for it

    • arnasp 6 days ago

      Chat on Twitter? @arnaspdk

      We can create a group chat.

  • closewith 7 days ago


    • arnasp 6 days ago

      Chat on Twitter? @arnaspdk

      We can create a group chat.

eimrine 7 days ago

I have not visited any hackathon since late 2019, I so miss that events. I would like to visit some offline event for HN crowd.

stephenhuey 7 days ago

How about Houston, Texas? Good timing, too, since I may soon need to recruit for a new startup. ⊙⊙

  • afvictory 6 days ago

    I'd be interested in a Houston meetup!

    • throwaway47786 6 days ago


      Is it weird to post this from a throwaway acct?

jingxiangmo 7 days ago

I want to start hosting meetups and lightning talks in Montreal Canada. Would anyone be interested?

  • Gaessaki 7 days ago

    Send me an email (bio), organizing something with a couple of others!

    • jingxiangmo 5 days ago

      Your email isn't in your bio :/

      Please send me an email here!

echelon 7 days ago

Atlanta, anyone?

Let's talk startups, AI/ML, and disrupting the incumbents!

protomyth 7 days ago

I'm actually surprised there doesn't seem to be a Minneapolis/ St. Paul MN contingent. The Twin Cities had a lot of interest groups in the 90's.

agomez314 7 days ago

I'd be down to organize an event in Pittsburgh

  • mrjet 7 days ago

    Would attend such a meetup!

bilsbie 7 days ago

Anyone in Florida?

  • bodangly 7 days ago

    I’ll be moving to Broward County in a month and definitely would be interested in an HN meetup.

  • CSMastermind 7 days ago

    Recently moved to Orlando from NYC.

    Definitely shoot me an invite if you set something up. Even if it's Tampa or wherever I'd probably be down to drive.

  • JamesSwift 7 days ago

    Cocoa Beach area, checking in

    • BobbyJo 7 days ago

      Grew up in Brevard county and still swing through from time to time!

      • JamesSwift 6 days ago

        Nice. Born and raised in Rockledge. Moved back about 7 years ago now.

    • bilsbie 7 days ago

      Wow I’m on the space coast too. I wasn’t sure how to reach out but I sent you a connection on linked in.

  • BobbyJo 7 days ago

    Gainesville. Hi-o!

imwillofficial 7 days ago

I’m down if anyone is in the Northern Virginia/DC area. Ping me, I’ll buy the first round. I’d love to hear your story.

robcohen 7 days ago

I’m not aware of any events that successfully capture what HN is. If you want to make contacts, go to YC startup events and meet people. The smartest and most talented people aren’t usually wasting their time with general catch-all tech events. They’re on a mission and aim to meet people who can genuinely help them accomplish it.

I’m not spitting at hackathon type events, but let’s be real — they target recent grads.

I’d love to be proven wrong on this, because I’d promptly attend the events that I don’t believe exist.

  • roflc0ptic 7 days ago

    I’d suggest looking into rationalist/effective altruism meetups. As far as professional interests and demographics, its hard to imagine another niche group with more overlap - naturally both seem born out of SF

    • reducesuffering 7 days ago

      Agree, but unfortunately the big ones just happened. Probably another 6 months.

  • people_not_bots 7 days ago

    I wish I could attend an event like the YC event but I dont live in NorCal.

    • lisper 7 days ago

      Why don't you organize one in your area then?

  • ramesh31 7 days ago

    The “work at a startup” meetups were fun, even if only to hear the pitches and see what Sam had to say.

    Is that still a thing?

torotonnato 7 days ago

Anyone in Italy, possibly Milan ಠ‿ಠ

  • golergka 7 days ago

    I'm traveling to Milan this Friday and I'm staying there for two weeks. Would love to meet!

  • labarilem 6 days ago

    I'm in Italy, based in Bari

fantasticFerret 7 days ago

Hawaii? Oahu specifically, anyone out there? I'd love to meet the community.

SlySherZ 7 days ago

Portugal, either Porto or Braga. Let me know if you'd like to meet!

iansowinski 6 days ago

Poland/Poznan interested inmeetup in Oct/Nov?

ezekg 6 days ago

DFW, Texas, anyone? I'd be down for a monthly meetup.

ffff__ddan 7 days ago

Anyone in Germany? :)

  • Tomte 7 days ago

    Too large for any meaningful action. You need major city granularity.

Gaessaki 7 days ago

Montréal, anyone? :)

  • gxt 7 days ago

    C'est parti. On fait ça quand?

    • Gaessaki 7 days ago

      Shoot moi un courriel (bio) et je m’occupe du doodle !

  • 20kleagues 7 days ago

    Lets do it!

    • Gaessaki 7 days ago

      Send me an email (in bio) and I’ll schedule a time!

ammmir 7 days ago

Anyone in Bangkok? Would love to do an IRL meetup.

  • jerriep 7 days ago

    I am. Feel free to give me a shout via Twitter (username in my HN Bio) or via email which you can find on my Personal website (listed in Bio as well)

dgwight 6 days ago

It’s a long shot, but is anyone in Chile?

  • saikro 2 days ago

    The possibilities exist, here from the 0.002% of the world.

ghgdynb1 7 days ago

Yes! Applications are open for YC Winter 2023!

Started out /s, but upon consideration I imagine YC really is the closest you could get to the spirit of HN in an in-person meetup.

  • jzhen 7 days ago

    the application deadline for Winter 2023 was last week fyi

chrisshroba 7 days ago

Anyone in Nashville, TN looking to meet up?

  • eek2121 7 days ago

    let's go. ;)

    EDIT: down to hang out with anyone that is super chill (and lives close to Nashville).

    Maybe we can all pick a place downtown to (passively) make fun of those tourist nerds that keep invading.

    • chrisshroba 6 days ago

      Feel free to email me at my username @gmail!

vikR0001 7 days ago

Anybody in Ft. Myers, Florida?

WorldPeas 7 days ago

anyone in boston? I could use some more hacker pals!

  • dmd 7 days ago

    hi! What about a meetup at the MIT Museum (which reopens in its new space at Kendall next week)?

    The new museum is absolutely gorgeous and amazing (my wife works there).

nicolas_t 7 days ago

Anyone in HK?

  • ateng 7 days ago

    Yes! My contact info is in my profile

temptemptemp111 7 days ago

Someone should make a global map with a web app that you can place a search engine protected email address on + GPS location - to contact in case of desire to grab a coffee over locale-focused startup & tech convos. Boom.

  • qorrect 6 days ago

    I like this idea alot, maybe something like this:

    User opens app, makes a possible meetup that s/he is into , it then shows up on the map as just the title of the Group, along with maybe an interest count of initially 0.

    If others click on it enough, the original users gets notified that this 'has momentum' and whether or not they want to schedule an actual get together. If they do, all other people are notified of the event.

    like, but the emphasis is on the location.

    Is that what you were thinking ?

  • labarilem 6 days ago

    Very cool idea. I'd love to have that here in southern Italy.

  • qorrect 7 days ago
    • chrisshroba 7 days ago

      No need to be rude just because someone used more words than you think necessary.

      • qorrect 6 days ago

        Oh that wasn't meant to be rude, I liked the idea and wanted him to keep talking about it.

aaron695 7 days ago

HN is always frothing about WFH so wouldn't it contradict the central HN tenancy being with other human beings is bad?

Once upon a time HN was about creating things.

Create a meetup and see what happens? There's a lot of cool stuff you'd learn doing that.

See what other locations people around you use for meetups. Run one and iterate. Start as open as possible.

shabbatt 7 days ago

I would NOT want to meet anyone from here tbh. I fear what people write here are how they are in real life.

Not saying they are bad people just from the bad takes and endless pedantic arguments are something I would quickly grow tired in a spoken conversation.

You can skip over paragraphs but in real life you can't.

  • blowski 7 days ago

    I went to quite a few of the HN meetups in London, and they were great. People often behave differently in meatspace.

  • ravenstine 7 days ago

    Bad takes can be hilarious, though. It's only a problem when the participants and audience aren't chill. Discussions where everyone thinks everyone else is wrong are fun when everyone's chill. I'd wager Redditors might not be the best group of people to have chill conversations with, but it's kind of surprising to me that someone would dismiss HN'ers that easily. But I guess some people just don't appreciate bad takes.

    Also, I doubt that most people are going to focus on the pandemic at this point. It depends on where one lives, but even in LA most people have long since moved on from it, and no one wants to hear it at an IRL meetup revival.

  • kickaha 7 days ago

    But the beauty of it is that crap evaporates in real life. I don’t want to overstate it, of course, but the effect is always huge.

    • quickthrower2 7 days ago

      It would be a comedy sketch if you had a real meetup, but people using their "Hacker News" tone. Lot's of hot takes, fights. Maybe each person has a up and down vote button on their t shirt? Some boring conversation in the corner 2 people listen to. In 10 years time turns out it was the launch of Bitcoin, Figma or Dropbox or something.

      • gigaflop 6 days ago

        That reminds me of a sports talk show I see on the gym TVs sometimes. A few talking heads, and a host who literally gives/takes points from these old men talking football/sports.

  • TheBigSalad 7 days ago

    "endless pedantic arguments" here? nah!

29athrowaway 7 days ago

In real life there's no flag button, unfortunately.

  • xcambar 7 days ago

    Yes you have to confront people or leave, that's insane right? /s