unwind a year ago

This seems like a great book, and getting a good review from Bunnie certainly helps build (my) interest.

I originally heard about this some weeks ago, and kind of dismissed it as probably being "too light" on the actual learning potential (as an electronics hobbyist). Now I'm definitively reconsidering that stance, so I guess the review was effective marketing. :)

Btw, the cover image looks different on Amazon [1] compared to the cover as shown on the publisher's site [2], is this likely to just be an older version of the cover? I can imagine the cover changing sometime in the process before the book is actually released, and perhaps Amazon got some placeholder/preview data.

[1]: https://www.amazon.com/Open-Circuits-Beauty-Electronic-Compo...

[2]: https://nostarch.com/open-circuits

  • linkdink a year ago

    I have a copy. I wouldn't say it's "too light" because there's nowhere else to easily get this type of information, especially not all in one place. There's no "heavier" alternative. Most documentation doesn't include pictures, much less cross sections.

  • tubetime a year ago

    coauthor here: the book cover thing is a known issue that is turning out to be strangely difficult to solve. yes, the amazon cover is the older version.

GeneT45 a year ago

This is a fun book. I've read the 'Early Access' e-book and I think it should appeal to both engineers and hobbyists. I particularly enjoyed that they devoted a chapter to how they went about preparing and taking the pictures.

anyaya a year ago

As a software guy, I've always had a phobia of electronics and hardware. I'm gonna pick up a copy of this and see if it fixes that irrational fear.