jffry 14 days ago

This is really neat, and the templates idea is really great for packaging it up to help people get better results without needing to know how to engineer prompts. Behind the scenes is it just a Mad Libs style fill-in-the-blank or is there more going on?

Some questions/feedback that come to mind:

- How do I know how many credits my generation is going to cost? I ran one D&D template and the cost was 2.4 credits. Also a question relevant on the normal "Generate" tab where I have options to adjust - presumably higher quality costs more credits since it takes more GPU time to run more iterations?

- When generating from a template, there's no option to make the image private until it's been generated. If I were paying for a tool like this I'd expect a way to default to private. Perhaps making images private and defaulting to private can be features for paying users, so that the "public" images for free users are also free advertising for your frontpage?

- Rights issues around the images are unclear. Are these 100% mine to do with as I please, just as if I had generated them running SD myself? Clarification around this is probably important for anybody wanting to use a tool like this in commercial creative endeavors.

- Maybe there should be a username filter? I was able to register as "admin" but if you need that changed I'll happily take "root" or "system" instead ;)

  • stavros 14 days ago

    Thanks for the interest!

    1. That's a bit of an omission right now, you're right. I need to add a bit of JS to the generation page, thanks for the feedback.

    2. You can click the "Private" button while it's generating, and it will be hidden. Though, you're right, anyone who sees it before will be able to see it after too. I'll add a checkbox to the form right now.

    3. You're right, I need to add a license page. It's the same license as SD, so IIRC it's a perpetual license to use them as you see fit.

    4. Yeah I should probably have a username blacklist, you're right :P

    Thanks, this is very useful!

    • jffry 14 days ago

      EDIT: You beat me to the punch explaining "Private" on the generation page. Thanks! Original comment follows


      > anyone who sees it before will be able to see it after too

      I can see where opinions might differ, but to me "Private" means nobody could see it even with a link, while "Unlisted" means I could send the link to anybody but it won't appear in my profile/the front page.

      Maybe the middle ground if you don't want to bikeshed on naming things (relatable) would be including a small explanation alongside the checkbox during image generation, and also in the FAQ?

  • stavros 14 days ago

    I've added the "Private" button and licensing info in the FAQ, thanks!

natch 14 days ago

How does someone change a template? Or is it just one fixed template per category?

I didn’t create an account because it seemed to be saying I need to put in money first before I could try anything. Other users might have similar interpretations.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look at artbreeder which by the way has a free level.

  • stavros 14 days ago

    This has a free tier as well (8 credits), you're right, I should clarify!

    Right now you can't change templates, you can only add info to generate the image you want, but in the future I want to add the ability for everyone to generate templates.

    EDIT: I've added the free tier to the pricing page and a bit of an explanation to the templates page, thanks for the feedback!

  • blooalien 14 days ago

    Nice. That ArtBreeder website looks like another great site I can use for inspiration for Blender 3D project ideas… Thanks for that information. I'd never heard of it before today.

achow 14 days ago

Great simple tool for dabbling in the AI generated content! Going to pass it to my writer friend. That's the target demography for you - non geeky content creators.

One bug though: After I wrote my prompt I discovered that there are some 'Advance options', clicked on the button, more advanced options unraveled, but I lost my prompt.

  • stavros 14 days ago

    Yes, unfortunately that button will do that. I'll fix it, thank you!

  • stavros 14 days ago

    I agree, by the way, you're spot on: Non-geeky content creators will have a lot of use for this, I hope.

KaoruAoiShiho 14 days ago

Great idea dude, but I really think it's too simple to make a whole service out of, it should really be a feature on one of the OS UIs.

  • hombre_fatal 14 days ago

    This space always needs people who can streamline the task for professionals.

    In another comment you point out that this service expands into a much larger prompt and then here you wonder why someone would pay for that. Meanwhile I think it's obvious money on the table when I have to write a paragraph when I really just want permutations of ork portraits for the next Shadowrun game or whatever.

    Having to become an experienced prompt engineer to use these tools productively is serious friction.

    I'd like to see tools/services made for professionals and I think this is the direction it would need to go.

    • stavros 14 days ago

      Agreed, this is the direction I want to take it. Basically, I want to make a service for "I don't know anything about AI and I want a pleasing image for my X".

spapas82 14 days ago

Can you clarify how's this different from visiting https://huggingface.co/spaces/stabilityai/stable-diffusion and entering the corresponding prompt (like "fantasy landscape")?

Or even better running stable diffusion locally?

  • echelon 14 days ago

    Incredibly simple.

    Huggingface can't effectively build a consumer product. They're building for B2B to be a github for models.

    Huggingface explicitly rejected building B2C tools.

    That huggingface UI will forever remain unfriendly and unable to scale.

    • echelon 14 days ago

      I can't edit after three hours, but I figured I'd add a new thought.

      B2C / creator tools are going to start disrupting businesses and B2B. I'm actually extremely bullish on B2C/tools now more than ever.

  • KaoruAoiShiho 14 days ago

    I'm guessing it applies human cognition to the task of understanding what people want when they say "fantasy landscape" using human heuristics and pre-alters your prompt to get you a closer result to your imagination than that simple keyword.

  • stavros 14 days ago

    Phantasmagoria is a consumer product, geared towards people who don't want to know anything about what a prompt or a sampler is. It's the difference between Dropbox and using SVN or CVS on a curlftpfs-mounted FTP account.

spk_ 14 days ago

I like the concept and approach, but is there a way to quickly see how it works without signing up?

  • stavros 14 days ago

    Unfortunately no, these images are too costly to generate :/ You can see what others have generated on the front page, that's the closest.

agmz 13 days ago

We need more tools like this. AI image generation is such a powerful technology but in order to utilise most image generators to their potential, you need to be fluent in 'AI prompts'.

I like this approach, it's far more intuitive.

  • stavros 13 days ago

    Thanks, I hope people will like it!

ZeroGravitas 14 days ago

Is there an AI equivalent of image macros yet? Like use the familiar joke setup image but insert "Microsoft" or other random thing you are making a joke about into it in an amusingly crappy way?

  • stavros 14 days ago

    Yes, the templates this post links to :P

    However, it's AI, so you don't always get what you expect.

    • ZeroGravitas 14 days ago

      Possibly I'm just missing it in the UI but I'm thinking something like the two Spiderman pointing at each other.

      Can you generate something that is recognisably that, but inserts a random person, say batman or Jesus into that scene in place of spiderman so that people will recognize the reference?

      • stavros 14 days ago

        Ah, you mean the actual memes? Hmm, I'm not sure actually, that's an interesting idea.

      • fassssst 14 days ago

        Yes, by adding inpainting and/or face swap model after the image generation model.

marwann 13 days ago

Neat. You might want to either filter words or blur NSFW pictures that were generated :P

  • stavros 13 days ago

    Yeah, it's a bit of a free-for-all now

slig 14 days ago

Congrats, I'm going to sign up and try. Where are you renting the GPUs from?

  • stavros 14 days ago

    Thank you! I'm renting from banana.dev, which poses an interesting technical challenge:

    Image generation takes 5 sec, but loading the model takes 120 sec. There's some time you can keep the model "alive" for, to wait for another image generation request, but if I have too few users, it means everyone gets image generation times of 120 sec and I pay for 120 sec per image, which is a lot.

    With enough users, though, I can always keep the model up, and everyone gets 5 sec generation times and the economics for this make sense. Hopefully if this picks up steam I'll be able to rent a dedicated server to generate things on, but it's just a sideproject for now.

    At least I hope it will be useful/fun to some people.

    • lt 14 days ago

      How'd you compare banana.dev to inferrd and paperspace which seem more affordable at a glance?

      • stavros 14 days ago

        I don't really have much experience with the ML/Torch side of things, so Banana was simpler to get started with. I'd like to switch to something cheaper, but I couldn't get Paperspace set up.

        Also, Inferrd doesn't really look cheaper, a 16GB GPU is $600/mo, which is about the same as Banana, except Banana doesn't bill for the time the model isn't working.

        For my needs, with the few images I need to generate, the difference is between paying $50/mo (admittedly, with worse UX for my customers) and paying $600/mo for a card that's mostly sitting idle.

    • throwaway290 14 days ago

      Would it make sense for you to query whether the model is up and idling and if so show a demo widget on landing, both making it possible for potential customers to try (if they are lucky to have landed at the right time) and keeping the model alive?

      • stavros 14 days ago

        Yes but it's bad UX if people can't see their prompts right away, basically :/ So they're just likely to bounce.

        A few days ago I was generating images using my home desktop, and had a Web push notification notifying people when it was on. That was much cheaper, but very bad UX, as it could be hours before you got your image (and you were long gone by then).

        • throwaway290 14 days ago

          With a marketing hat on I can see a flow where you (still only if the model is already up and not busy) ask for an email in the "try" prompt, both using it to send the results subsequently and offering an option to subscribe to a newsletter (thus generating new leads).

          However, I can see why you might choose not to bother with that and find another way to keep the model alive without the try prompt.

          Edit: didn't you mention it takes 5 sec if model is alive?

          • stavros 14 days ago

            Ah yeah, that's a good idea for when the model is very async, thank you! I'll keep that in mind.

    • slig 14 days ago

      Thanks for the explanation! If I may offer a suggestion, the GTA 5 Poster prompt that was on /r/stablediffusion recently was really good.

      • stavros 14 days ago

        Would you happen to have a link? I'd love to add it.

        EDIT: Added, good shout, thanks!

        • slig 14 days ago

          Great, just tried!

    • spapas82 14 days ago

      Uh oh this seems way too expensive ? It seems to cost like $22 per day if the GPU runs all the time!

      • stavros 14 days ago

        Yeah, GPUs are quite expensive, unfortunately.

omwow 14 days ago

This is fantastic, thank you!