metadat 11 days ago

Does it support realtime chat?

If communities could easily form and include both chat and message board functionality, that could be really neat. I'm imagining realtime chats for specific events.

Kind of like if Discord and Twitch chat had a baby. More dynamic and short-term than Discord.

  • zenith035 11 days ago

    Right now - there is no realtime chat support but we are going to add it soon. The rationale behind going for the message board style first was that the market already has too many chat platforms at the moment and though the communities on chat platforms are great the context gets lost pretty soon when there are too many members. This also leads to reduced quality of discourse.

    There is a use-case for real-time chat as you mentioned though. For eg. a community of baseball fans will need a real-time chat during an ongoing game and they shouldn't need to switch platforms for that.

    • metadat 11 days ago

      Very cool, keep up the good work!

jefurii 11 days ago

So... a revival of forums and IRC channels? Not a bad thing!

  • zenith035 11 days ago

    Yep - kind of, but in a cleaner way. I love forums too.

    Also, the intent is to be a platform to support communities for small-businesses since most of them do not use communities for their benefit in the same way as big corporations do it.

antifa 10 days ago

Is there a self-hosted option?