Show HN: Big Picture” project management for software developers

8 points by jamespaden 10 days ago

We got tired of not being able to accurately answer "When will this be done?" and "Will anyone be required to work overtime on the current schedule?", or spending too much time in meetings and standups trying to answer those questions. Just opened up for beta. Would love some opinionated developers to guide future improvements (or feedback on the general idea).

jamespaden 10 days ago

Probably not as interesting now that you can play with the actual tool, but we also wrote several blog posts describing our thinking and goals for solving this problem:

This is just v0.1 of the tool, so we haven't solved/built all the above yet, but maybe it shows some of our thinking process.

kburman 9 days ago

$10 per user/per month. That's insane, the problem you're trying to solve is a leetcode medium problem statement and should not cost this much.

  • jamespaden 6 days ago

    It's only $3 for life for beta users :)

    More seriously though, thanks for the feedback. We're not sure what the best pricing is yet. $10/user/mo is in line with similar products and is a small price to pay for getting rid of unnecessary overhead and management. It might be too high though.

  • gardenhedge 7 days ago

    This reminds me of the infamous Dropbox comment. Specifically, which leedcode medium problem statement covers this?

    To OP, I wish you luck. I would love if my management used this tool so they could see that have multiple people on multiple overlapping projects leads to delays.

    • kburman 7 days ago

      Sorry to break it to you but referring to dropbox won’t make this a viable solution.