Show HN: Venice – open-source Plaid to Postgres in minutes without code

53 points by tonyx 13 days ago

Hi HN!

Tony & Ali here, we are super excited to introduce Venice - an open source financial data integrations platform. Our MVP is getting financial data from Plaid into your postgres database in under 5 mins.

We met while building our own respective fintechs. We noticed how much developer time went into setting up and maintaining the infrastructure rather than actually building the fintech itself. In Tony’s last project Alka for instance, the engineering team spent 30%+ of time building and maintaining the data connectivity and pipeline rather than the core work of accounting.

What we wish existed is a Segment / Airtable for fintech, letting you get financial data from wherever they are produced to anywhere they are useful. We think the most basic version is a Plaid to Postgres database connector with a self-service portal where your customers can add / remove / repair and manage their financial connections. This takes less than 5 mins to set up without writing a single line of code. In fact, we went so far as asking non technical people to get set up and they were able to do it just as fast using Vercel, Supabase and Plaid.

Today, our product is perfect if you’re just starting out or using it as a hobby, but eventually we hope any sized fintech could use what we’ve built as the project matures and community grows.

We wrote it using full stack TypeScript, and paid special attention to composability and extensibility. There is a core connect & sync library with its own cli, a HTTP API (thank you to the amazing folks at trpc + zod), a set of headless React components, theme-able data-connected UI library leveraging tailwindcss, and finally a next.js application that puts it all together. Each layer is built on the one before, so you can start with no code at all while drop down to any layer of abstraction as your need grow. What we are shipping today is a complete, instantly deployable next.js application which you can use either as a standalone portal via redirect, or embed into your application via iframe. The default setup uses Vercel as we expect you to bring your own database and authentication that powers the rest of your application.

The repo is licensed under MIT & ELv2, so you are completely free to use it for your own projects and companies while we retain the right to being the only one to release a cloud hosted version in the future.

Check us out at We have a ton of ideas in mind and would love your feedback. Hit us up at or on slack at

MuffinFlavored 13 days ago

If everybody used this, how would they stand out under the premise "they can't code themselves" to add stuff to it/connect other things to it?

  • Ali_Jiwani 13 days ago

    Ali here - can you expand on your question? The idea is so people spend less time building infrastructure around fintechs and just build the fintech they want. The way to stand out is by building the better mousetrap.

dnnssl2 12 days ago


How quickly can I set up a data connection from Plaid into my data warehouse?

Also, how quickly can I set up a connection from a not out of the box API such as Argyle?

  • tonyx 12 days ago

    if it's postgres, then 5 mins as shown in the video :) Otherwise what data warehouse are you thinking of and what's the use case behind it?

    Can you clarify what you mean by "not out of box" API? We haven't built an integration with Argyle yet but once we do it would be the same experience as Plaid

dapick 12 days ago

Love it - making it easier to get & sync this data across the different sources is powerful. Excited to see where this goes

  • Ali_Jiwani 10 days ago

    Thanks dapick! I would love to learn more about what you like about it. Do you mind emailing me to follow up - or you can join us on Slack

norland12 12 days ago

great idea

  • Ali_Jiwani 10 days ago

    Thanks! I would love to learn more about why you think its great. Do you mind emailing me to follow up - or you can join us on Slack