Tell HN: Pluralsight now available with your ACM subscription

27 points by guiambros 4 days ago

A selected portion of courses from Pluralsight [1] are now included in the ACM subscription [2]. I'm not sure how many are included, but it seems a significant number:

I've used Pluralsight in the past, and really enjoyed their content. Some courses are outdated, but the platform overall is pretty decent.



note: the last link has a discount code, but it's not an affiliate link. I don't benefit in any way from you subscribing to ACM or not; it just gives you 25% discount (vs. the regular 16%).

sidcool 4 days ago

Thanks for sharing. Losing O'Reilly subscription with ACM was devastating. They charge $499/year!!

  • dave84 a day ago

    I signed up for the trial, cancelled and got a 50% discount. Might be worth trying.

  • uraura 2 days ago

    I hope they have a ebook only offer, I don't watch video courses in the train.

  • tjohns 4 days ago

    Indeed. One of the more useful perks from an ACM membership. I was sad to see it go.

    Thankfully there's a good chance you can still get access to O'Reilly through your local library's digital collection.