Ask HN: Has anyone self/on-prem hosted a container registry

2 points by cplli 4 days ago

It's always been one of those items deep down on the "to consider" list, and my rationale was that there really aren't any straight-forward solutions for this and with Gitlab and Github offering their own registries it was never a problem.

But yesterday I found out that Docker's Registry core (Distribution) [0] is OpenSource (and used by other registries too!), but I haven't seen many mentions of it until then. I've checked out their documentation and it seems solid.

So, what is your experience with self-hosting registries be it Distribution, Harbour or something else. Any hidden PITA? I myself will spin Distribution up on the dev env and see how it goes!


razemio 4 days ago

Not sure if I am missing something, since a simple Google search or asking r/selfhosted would have been more appropriate IMHO.

To awnser your question. I have only used docker registry (core) since I like stuff in modules and it works very well. It comes in a docker image. To setup it needs like 2 minutes. It can be secured with credentials which I highly recommend. My registry is also running behind treafik, which provides it with a valid ssl certificate and running directly on port 443, which looks nice and professional.