engfan 9 days ago

You may also be interested that the Git tip of the master branch of the GNU Hyperbole package has a nicely designed link interface for controlled playback of youtube videos, allowing for easy link creation as well. See the hsys-youtube.el file. This will be part if the next package release as well. For example, it can play just a particular span of a video from a start and end time.

forbiddenvoid 9 days ago

Really fun little piece. More emacs posts should read like this. Clear communication about goals, the functions involved, the code you actually wrote and how that translates to the motions used to execute what you want.

Too many emacs posts are just lists of keyboard shortcuts presented without context, and this was a refreshing change of pace.

ajvs 10 days ago

For anyone who bounced off org-mode due to it's limitations (e.g. mobile apps for it suck) I'd recommend Logseq, it's an open-source outliner with a plugin ecosystem and even supports org-mode.

  • bitspook 9 days ago

    I can relate; locked into Emacs is not a problem on desktop, but when not on a machine it is a big liability. Leaving all the little clever hacks and fine tuning behind for large part of my day make me feel...less.

    I have tried a bunch of org-mode parsers to get out of Emacs for some of my workflows (e.g blogging, note taking/reading), but they all have the problem that anything I built on top of org gets left behind.

    Most recently, I've been experimenting with just delegating the job of Emacs to Emacs itself e.g for blogging, converting my org-mode files to HTML. Here's the code I am using: https://github.com/bitspook/cl-ownpress

    I am using it for converting my org-roam notes to mobile-readable HTML so I can read them when on the move and explore my notes based on tags, a featuer I've found missing in the popular org-roam-ui (last time I tried it). I am also using it to create my blog. So far so good.

    I enjoy fantasizing how the lisp hacks I do in emacs/org on desktop could carry over to mobile.

  • xenodium 9 days ago

    > bounced off org-mode due to it's limitations (e.g. mobile apps for it suck)

    I'm the author of an org iOS app https://plainorg.com and the vast majority of users are pretty happy. Org has a rich feature-set and we are a diverse bunch who like to tinker, so mileage may vary.

    ps. I also authored https://flathabits.com which saves habit data to org format.

  • KryDos 10 days ago

    I looked at Logseq just yesterday exactly because I was trying to move somewhere from org-mode (due to its mobile limitations). Seems like Logseq just supports org-mode formatting but it actually lacks a lot of org-mode functionality. One of which is time tracking (did I miss it?). That's incredibly important feature of org mode for me.

    • AlanYx 9 days ago

      Logseq has rudimentary time tracking, but it’s fiddly and probably too limited to be useful if you have a serious time tracking workflow in org.

  • pen2l 9 days ago

    If you have a VPS handy you can port your org files there and use Prompt to ssh into it and use your configured emacs there. If you use a terminal multiplexer like tmux which you can attach / deattach as needed there's the added benefit of never losing state.

    The only annoyance is the inability to use non-terminal emacs, which is what I prefer. I'm sure there's a way around this (running a local non-terminal emacs and accessing files that exist remotely) but I'll attempt that on a day when I have the will and time. :)

  • natrys 9 days ago

    I wanted to try Logseq, but the android app completely freezes when trying to import my notes folder (about 350 files). I think I tried it a couple of months ago. The app named Orgro has nice UI, but it's read-only so still sucks.

  • yashasolutions 9 days ago

    i have setup termux version which make emacs quite usable on mobile (including org agenda etc.)

    it takes a bit of getting used to but it is surprising efficient

contr-error 10 days ago

Nice work! Do you automatically convert the links on yanking?

How has being free from employment been working out so far?

  • bitspook 9 days ago

    > Do you automatically convert the links on yanking?

    No. I didn't even think of that. But it sounds like a great idea. I'll explore. Thank you.

    > How has being free from employment been working out so far?

    It has had its ups and downs, but I can say I am much happier in general. General restlessness/anxiety I used to have all the time has significantly come down. I got to experience sort of a stillness of thoughts, which has been a new experience for me.

    I've been mulling over writing a 6-month update to document my thoughts/experience; will do soon.

    • orzig 9 days ago

      I would also be very interested in a six-month update. Thanks for living and learning out loud!