mtmail 4 days ago

That's normal. Green field new development is rare. I haven't written anything really new in months, it's just upgrading, fixing, finetuning existing systems.

codegeek 3 days ago

Depends on the company/team size. Most established companies/teams have requirements like these where you are just running scripts and not much to do. If you want to do real development/programming work, join a startup or a smaller company (under 100 employees ideally).

jjzhiyuan 4 days ago

It's very common in the startups I've come across, on the contrary, in very large companies, everyone performs their own duties and arranges them clearly.

ffhhj 3 days ago

That's the "second" technical interview they didn't tell you about, to decide whether you are able to work on new developments.

duped 3 days ago

Sounds like you got hired in a junior position and they're giving you junior-ish work to get up to speed.

tor10 4 days ago

welcome to the machine.