asicsp 3 days ago

Note that 'Show HN' is for original authors of the site showcasing their product. Are you the owner of vim-adventures?

PeterisP 3 days ago

Previous threads from 2013 and 2012

If nothing has changed, I dislike that it is not upfront about the paywall that comes after you've spent some time on the very basics; it would be honest to disclose that before people start.

  • forgotpwd16 3 days ago

    I knew there're will be a paywall as soon as I saw "special offer" on homepage. The numerous paid vim tutorials-like-games have taught me to immediately recognize something like this.

dashtiarian 3 days ago

Remember that you're paying for a subscription. Years ago I bought this thinking the subscription agreement is just there so the author can pull the plug if hosting the project became unprofitable. Nope. It was a subscription to make more money, which is understandable, but is not worth it imho.

mid-kid 3 days ago

This thing is ancient, I tried playing this for a bit way before I actually started on my Vim journey some 7 years ago. My dad introduced me to this, and I didn't really see the point to it, never really came back to it either, so I have no idea how useful it actually is, but I'm glad it's still around.

I'm sure there's better Vim learning tools these days. Though it should be noted that learning to use hjkl doesn't remotely begin to cover the expressiveness of vim keybinds for editing, and I think this tool at least goes more in depth than most others.

rco8786 3 days ago

I learned Vim on this game 6-8 years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to dive in!

edit There was not a paywall when I did it. Bummer.

NyxWulf 3 days ago

This does cost money, but if you are serious about learning vim, this is an excellent game, and reasonably priced. One benefit I found is that the game creates a curriculum that exposes you to things you wouldn't otherwise try in your day to day, simply because you don't know them.

It helped improve my vim muscle memory substantially. Well done imo.

  • dllthomas 3 days ago

    It's reasonably priced if you consider it both a game and a learning resource. If you already know vim fluently and just want it as a clever puzzle game, $25 is a reasonable purchase price but steep for a 6 month license. I have bounced off it several times over the years, after initially clicking the card icon intending to pay.

smilindave26 3 days ago

This is great. I haven't used Vim in years - at least not seriously. I'm surprised as much by how much I remember as how much I've forgotten

codesnik 3 days ago

well, it sure does know how to beep

prettyStandard 3 days ago

This is how I learned vim. Money well spent.