throwawayacc2 9 days ago

Whenever I hear about daylight saving I remember this thing I read on the internet. Apparently it’s a native american saying. “Only the white man think he can cut the top of a blanket, saw to the bottom, and get a longer blanket”. If it’s a real saying or not I don’t know but it’s a good saying I think.

Changing the time seems silly. I can think of better solutions just at the top of my head.

1. Instead of changing the time ( God, what an arrogant concept this is ) why not change your schedule/working hours.

2. Instead of changing the time or working hours, just keep going as it is. We have artificial lights we don’t really solely on the sun, and in most places it’s not like lights are not used anyway.

3. But people want some sunlight. Well they don’t get it anyways in the north and they get it anyways in the south. Daylight saving is only partially effective around the 45th degree parallel. So, how about give people a midday break, make them go outside, touch grass. Productivity might actually increase.

I think people can come up with better reasons and ideas if they ponder more then the half minute I spent while offering a sacrifice to the porcelain god.

  • bogantech 8 days ago

    > 1. Instead of changing the time ( God, what an arrogant concept this is ) why not change your schedule/working hours.

    Hours are a human made measurement, how is it arrogant to move them around?

  • NoSorryCannot 8 days ago

    DST is (1) but synchronized. People could change their schedules to negate DST, and I'm sure some do.

    Anyway, I don't want touch-grass time during my useless lunch hour, I want usable daylight hours after work during which to do outdoor things in the warmth of the sun. Where I am, people mostly seem to want year round DST (but of course it wouldn't be DST anymore, it would just be "the time").

    Different places can and will do what suits their needs.

  • info781 8 days ago

    DST gives you more light in the afternoon, people don't want dark at 4pm. It is a good system.

    • gus_massa 7 days ago

      We have permanent DST in Argentina. We are in UTC-3, but we should be in UTC-4. It gives you more light in the afternoon. It's so good, that sometimes we apply DST^2 and get to UTC-2. (Note that the last time we applied DST^2 was in 2008 or 2009. But we may decide to apply it again.)

      The problem is that once you are used to a permanent DST you change many of the schedules because there is plenty of light in the afternoon. Midnight is a prime TV time here! So DST^2 starts to look like a good idea.

  • BenjiWiebe 8 days ago

    I'd actually love #1. But I can't change all the businesses around to match my schedule.