Show HN: Media Hoarder – media front end for data hoarders and movie lovers

4 points by MK2k 9 days ago

Here's a video showcasing Media Hoarder's features:

As we're on hackernews I wouldn't go much into the features of Media Hoarder with this post (see the video above for that). I'd rather like to comment on the DX.

I'm a long-time lurker here on HN and in 2019 I felt the urge to develop my own take on a media center application.

Media Hoarder was already usable after a few days of development and after one year it had 90% of the features I wished for myself but was not exactly ready for a release to the public. So, for this project the last 10% took another two years :)

During the development I read a lot about the "ship fast" mindset which I obviously did not adopt. I could never live with a publicly released version that does not completely show what I had in mind with the app. And yeah, currently my focus is not to get external feedback as fast as possible but to create and release a product as v1.0.0 that I envisioned and use myself.

The tech-stack is:

- Electron

- Vue.js with Vuetify

- SQLite

this way the app runs on Win/Linux/Mac and can be entirely developed with web technologies - which to me is a great plus regarding development speed. Mind you, Media Hoarder is developed during the free-time of a father of two young kids :D

Anyways, I'm really glad it's out there. Personally, I use it every day and I hope, some of you may find it useful or would like to contribute.

Please feel free to discuss features, development and sideproject-y things, I'm really curious :)

Media Hoarder Website:

Blog post "Why Media Hoarder?":

GitHub project:


-- MK2k

5bolts 9 days ago

looks like it only covers movies at the moment?

Looks to be more of a Movie filtering interface instead of a bulk media organization tool. No topics about any other kinds of media (cbr, ebooks, pdfs, images, music, adult?) appears to be in its infancy, got a long way to go to compete with plex / jellyfin or even just a well organized file structure.

no forum posts, and have to be approved by the site admin to even gain access.

sure the movie browsing experience seems well built - per the youtube video but personally i'd prefer a movie poster interface and maybe put the meta data in a details window when i hover/click on the poster. don't need the constant clutter when trying to find something.

  • MK2k 9 days ago

    Thanks for your comments.

    Just movies for now, that's correct. Media Hoarder will evolve organically and it was never my goal to compete in all features with the solutions already around. Else it wouldn't have seen the light of day today or even the next years ;)

    Thanks for the hint about the forum, I reverted the "must approve" setting.

    Also thanks for the kudos regarding the browsing experience. Your critique is noted.