pomatic 9 days ago

As a starlink subscriber, I'm really not sure it matters. SL is leagues ahead of any of the other connectivity options available to me in rural Southern England (although I do have a nylon rope strung between the telegraph poles outside - suggesting FTTP may arrive one day), and I am totally in awe of the technology involved to deliver the SL service. Add in the relatively recent reductions in monthly subscription costs, and it simply represents phenomenal value for money. Isn't it incredible to think one can travel with a chair-sized device and get great internet connectivity pretty much anywhere on the globe? It opens up the possibility of medium remote work in isolated spots; I'm looking at skipping the miserable winter we have here in the UK, safe in the knowledge that I can roam with Dishy to (a qualified version of) anywhere warm at sensible cost.

  • zamalek 9 days ago

    Starlink were always pretty explicit about solving your exact scenario. That didn't stop people hoping that they could abandon Comcast or their other local incompetent telecom monopoly/duopoly. Still, I wonder just how slow Starlink has to get before the likes of Comcast start looking better in comparison, because I don't blame people for hoping, I really really don't.

b34r 9 days ago

To be expected until Starlink v2 satellites start launching early next year. Right now the constellation is very constrained by local ground stations and they can’t pass data around in orbit. That will change soon, as well as major spectral capacity improvements in the new hardware.

yrgulation 9 days ago

Meanwhile east europe is getting 8gb/s residential broadband.

  • mburee 9 days ago

    And init7 is starting to provide 25GBit. Not even 10 km from their nearest endpoint, the best I can get from my local ISP is 400MBit for twice the money

    • yrgulation 9 days ago

      I should move to Switzerland even if just for that.

mutt2016 9 days ago

Anecdotally, I live in a slightly rural area close to a major city. Starlink is pretty slow.

Using the roaming feature and taking that dish on a road trip, let me tell you, starlink was amazingly fast.

The closer you are to nowhere the better it is.

Its really just the same problems cellular operators experience. They just need more sectors and higher density in crowded areas.

  • prestonh 9 days ago

    I'm curious, what sorts of speeds do you mean for "slow"?

    • simfree 9 days ago

      Anything below the current definition of FCC fundable rural broadband (100Mbps by 20Mbps) is slow.

      This is why the FCC doesn't want to pay out the $886 million in rural connectivity funds to Starlink, they are already providing substandard connectivity, and could easily end up like Hugesnet or Viasat's overloaded networks.

      • olyjohn 9 days ago

        That's not slow. What's slow is the 1.5mbit DSL that I was stuck with before. Starlink is a godsend for people with no options but shit DSL. Starlink would be a godsend for me even at 10mbits. And I know the same is true for millions of other people. Wireline providers have stalled here for the last 15 years.