apozem 3 days ago

One of the biggest issues in the gaming industry is AAA video games cost too much to make. 20 years ago, a dozen people could make a major PlayStation 1 game. Today, a new Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed requires thousands of people working at a dozen studios all over the world.

Not a dev but from my understanding, one of the biggest costs in AAA games is asset creation. A lot of models in a AAA video game are too specialized to be bought from the Unity store. They have to be customized, tweaked, labored over by artists. Incredibly expensive.

That's why I see technologies like this and think, maybe it could help bring down the cost of game dev. Maybe we see AAA game developers get a tiny bit less conservative with their designs when they don't have quite as much money on the line with every game.

  • smoldesu 3 days ago

    Asset creation is indeed part of the problem, but another part of the problem is scale. Take a title like Resident Evil - it's fully feasible that a team of under 20 people could make the game, if they were dedicated and could source outside talent. One person can do texture work/game art, one person can do the music and pretty much everyone else is working on asset production or programming.

    Think about how that's scaled up in the past two decades, though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arEdruKxrQ8

    Game development really is a whole different game. Not only are you making higher-resolution assets, but there's often a greater demand for variety and detail. Resident Evil's debut has a fairly limited palette, mostly combining cityscape textures and simple gothic/wooden architecture for the indoor segments. Resident Evil 8, on the other hand, takes place across 5 or 6 unique locations, all with their own unique styling and trappings. First-person perspectives demand well-educated firearm experts to tune every polygon of gun geometry. High-resolution assets require dedicated artists to give them filigree. Nowadays, games are built by teams of specialists who each have a little something to contribute. My favorite example comes from a teacher I had in high school, who was married to a motorcycle engineer that exclusively worked on video game assets. Apparently he had no shortage of work, and I don't doubt it.

  • mupuff1234 3 days ago

    Aren't big game companies mostly reusing the same assets? It definitely feels like it.

  • thebigjewbowski 3 days ago

    A big stopping point for me in making games or more visual things are assets.

    I’d been thinking I’d like to try making a comic book when I finally get access to DAL-E

  • echelon 3 days ago

    In the future games will be made by one person doing all the work themselves.

avmich 3 days ago

Great. Now it would be nice to have human figure poses generated from spec - for this particular class of 3d object there are good applications. I mean, animals and some mechanisms would also be interesting, but even only human figures would be nice.