pavel_lishin 12 days ago

> Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella told the BBC this tension needed to be resolved as workplaces were unlikely to ever return to pre-pandemic work habits.

> "We have to get past what we describe as 'productivity paranoia', because all of the data we have that shows that 80% plus of the individual people feel they're very productive - except their management thinks that they're not productive.

> "That means there is a real disconnect in terms of the expectations and what they feel."

What's missing from these paragraphs is a measurement of actual productivity, not just perceived productivity.

  • LatteLazy 12 days ago

    I agree but... Productivity is really difficult to define, let alone measure in modern businesses.

throwaway743 12 days ago

And what's the productivity measure for such bosses who are pearl clutching?

Butts in seats policy and employee monitoring software are not good methods for measuring productivity. Measure actual output, then bitch

  • anthonypasq 12 days ago

    you understand management has access to sprint velocity reports right?

    • dickersnoodle 12 days ago

      For what those are worth, which isn't always much.

JohnFen 12 days ago

I find it darkly amusing that the proposed solution for bad "leaders" is to increase the burden on the workers.

DeadMouseFive 12 days ago

This just in, dinosaurs unable to see incoming at 11.

But seriously folks, it's so obvious that the older generations are intimidated by technology and the changes it begets in new work culture. Us younger gens (I am a "Millennial" FWIW) KNOW that work done digitally is faster and more efficient. The backlash against remote work is a backlash against the digital revolution.

What's the saying, if a technology is created when you're young you can get a career in it, if it happens when you're old you lash out against it? Something like that.

The people who complain about remote work are telling on themselves, and they are admitting they don't want to adapt to the new realities.

macdaknife 12 days ago

Middle manager bosses can shampoo my crotch