Show HN: Inside A High School Hackathon – Assemble, August 2022

7 points by sampoder 12 days ago

Hi HN, I want to share this short documentary on a 183 person hackathon that I (age 17) ran with my friends this summer.

Coding changed my life. However, I've always struggled to find a space with folks my age who also find joy in coding, especially since the pandemic begun. My friends & I wanted to run an amazing in-person hackathon as soon as it was safe to do so, and Assemble was that event.

To try and help other teenagers organise their own hackathons, we’ve open sourced all of our planning documents - including finances, marketing emails, website code, run-of-show, etc - at

Hoping that Assemble will resonate with people here, and happy to answer any questions about the organising process!