Simon_O_Rourke a year ago

Back in the day, a friend of my father consumed an entire bottle of cognac the evening before his physical for Vietnam.

Ended up with a running pulse, weird blood pressure and the sweats, and was rejected as 4F.

I can only imagine the same behavior now would get your into some ROTC training course in Moscow.

  • 2OEH8eoCRo0 a year ago

    My friend did this before jungle warfare training and said "I can't check my weapon out SSgt I'm drunk!". The SSgt checked it out for him and he spend the drive to jungle warfare course puking out of the back of a humvee.

    His name was Conklin and he was from Cali. Wonder where he is now.

  • brianwawok a year ago

    Google searches for how to break your arm are through the roof.

  • foxyv a year ago

    You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant!

  • the_mar a year ago

    Actually if you just chug a bottle of water 5 min before the blood test you can fake internal bleeding and be discharged. Just say your poo looks very dark but you're doing fine

MomoXenosaga a year ago

Doesn't matter how many men you have in the field if they don't want to stand and fight.

timonoko a year ago

Father Noko told about his worst war experience. On the other side of some river Russian lorries ejected hundreds of people most in civilian clothing. About third were with guns. This crowd started to cross the shallow river. At first Finnish soldiers tried to pick only armed people, but it was quite obvious that dozen defenders will be overrun if the enemy reaches Finnish side. So every Russians was killed no regards.

michaelwww a year ago

I'll be very surprised if this ends well for Putin

eimrine a year ago
  • notch656a a year ago

    Ukrainians are being drafted to invade a foreign country?

    • eimrine a year ago
      • dragonwriter a year ago

        Ukraine manifestly exists, no matter how much Putin asserts that it should not exist.

      • adampk a year ago

        Do you mean to imply that Ukraine does not exist?

        • yladiz a year ago

          They are not implying.

  • ncmncm a year ago

    And there is less resistance. Dying to indulge Putin would be like dying to indulge W. Dying to eject Russia from Ukraine seems better, except the need to is tragic.

    Combat deaths among Ukrainian soldiers is comparable to Russian losses, maybe more than half, if Ukrainians from occupied regions used for cannon fodder count as Russian.

    • jopnv a year ago

      > And there is less resistance.

      Have you measured it?

      • mrcheesebreeze a year ago
        • the_mar a year ago

          I have relatives in Ukraine that don't have a burning desire to fight, but it is a bit more reasonable to go fight when you're being shelled by some other country.

          As for my Russian friends, they do not want to fight in this war because

          a) most ppl in western russia have some sort of familiar ties to Ukraine and are baffled by the whole nazi storyline

          b) people just straight up don't wanna go die in a war in a foreign country they have nothing to do with.

2Gkashmiri a year ago

haha.... poor russians are getting conscripted for a war they did not sign up for, haha dictator putin, if only the west could have shown the light, the proper way of doing things, oh wait, there is vietnam, most famously romanticized for the "war effort of the allies" while only feeling sorry for the millions of young lives lost on both sides but no, the war must be won at all costs, lives be damned. is.... this the same thing what russia is doing so how are they worse than USA?

  • MomoXenosaga a year ago

    I'm pretty sure nobody has argued Vietnam was a good idea since 1975.

  • sam345 a year ago

    US is a democracy and the people could and did change policy in Vietnam. Dictatorships don't work that way.

    • 2Gkashmiri a year ago

      you are assuming wrong. why was policy not put in place to NOT allow that in the first place? what about post 9/11? why did the US literally justify invading another country on "revenge"? where is democracy in that? you talk all tall claims but you have guantanamo bay and imagine if i indefinitely hold americans under torture in the name of "my national security", you will get your panties in a bunch and throw tantrums about human rights and all

  • trasz a year ago

    We can’t punish USA, because it’s a superpower. Russia isn’t, and so far Ukraine seems pretty successful at punishing it, having already destroyed about half of Russian military and completely wrecked Russia’s political power.

  • extropy a year ago

    USA hopefully learned their lesson (over the several proxy wars). Now will Russia?

    Yes Putin is the dictator, but the problem started when the people allowed him to become one. Now his "strongman" ethos does not allow him anything but push on. Trump would probably do similar things given time. Buy US was sane enough to push him out when they still could.

    Also I think it's somewhat human nature to go help the side you sympathize with when an conflict occurs. We just need to learn to be more civilized about this, throwing army at the problem has very poor track record.

    • the_mar a year ago

      It's not quite the same though. US war in Vietnam or any of the -stan countries was pretty far from home and pretty easy to disassociate from.

      Russia invading Ukraine is like US invading Mexico, it's not as easy for people to swallow the propaganda

  • GoToRO a year ago

    last time I checked, two wrongs don't make a right. What you posted is standard russian propraganda.

    • 2Gkashmiri a year ago

      >last time I checked, two wrongs don't make a right. What you posted is standard russian propraganda.

      sure its all a propaganda as long as americans get to decide whats beneficial for them at the expense of lives of others, then its all fine and dandy.

      • GoToRO a year ago

        Since Romania escaped russian influence, it is fine and dandy. Russians have no culture and nothing good to offer to the world. So it is not about what the USA decides, it's about what the allies decided and they decided not to be stupid, poor and backwards.